Goatwhore Blood For The Master

Metal Blade 2011

Fresh Blood Work.

Goatwhore - Blood For The Master


Goatwhore‘s latest slab of sacrilegious shred finds the band continuing further down the path they’ve been traveling with their recent albums — that being hellbound. Armed with a fierce mixture of blackened death & roll, complete with choice black metal trimmings, the groups bestial approach has become increasingly more vicious.

But brawn and brutality aren’t their only strengths as they also retain the propulsive hallmarks and technicality of classic thrash metal. It’s a punishing and thunderous listen hellbent on relentless forward velocity. One that routinely favors momentum over heroics.

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Truly their penchant for riding a gnarled riff to its breaking point, rather than launching an array of tiring sonic barrages, is their biggest strength. That’s not to say the music presented here is repetitive, so much as it is focused.

A lot of this is due to the powerful rhythm section that aspires for solidarity rather than the spotlight. Thus the main focus falls on the riffs and the ever-malicious intent delivered through the two pronged vocal approach .

While somewhat understated the dual vocal interplay, along with the blasphemous lyrical content, give the band a surprising dynamic edge. Toss in the occasional triumphant ripping solo and breaks for levity and you have a well balanced salvo of darkened carnal rage and blistering technical ability.

Certainly Goatwhore‘s craft isn’t for everyone. It’s often such a bludgeoning assault that only after a few listens does it reveal its more endearing traits. The sanctimonious lyrical content may also ruffle a few feathers as well.

Even so, their restrained brand of brutality is rigid enough to keep the listener on the defensive and sharpened enough to ensure ample bloodshed. Truly the master shall be pleased.