Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe “GO OUTSIDE.”


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe apparently didn’t take kindly to me posting some of his rather amusing viewpoints on djent and the lack of innovation in music yesterday. Thus he has requested (once again via his Twitter) the following series of tweets be posted:

“INCREDIBLY, me arguing briefly over something as INANE as “micro-sub-genre-izing” on FUCKING TWITTER is now “news”. Who runs these sites? I mean REALLY- this is what passes for “news” on these websites? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, what are you, twelve? You have anything else? I mean ANYTHING of substance to put on your website other than a FUCKING TWITTER FEED? Are you The Inquirer now? Is that what it’s come to? You cobbled together a few tweets from different exchanges I’ve had & made it NEWS? My fucking God. Do you EVER LEAVE THE BASEMENT? Wow. Opinions as electronic headlines. No wonder this world is going down the shitter. GO OUTSIDE. Put that on yer fucking website.”

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That said, I’m not posting this just to be a cheeky asshole or to try and start some bullshit feud. I enjoy the guy’s music and his acerbic commentary. I can also see and understand his point of view. The fact is though that like it or not people care about the opinions of musicians on music-no matter the medium which it is delivered. That is why I posted it, though obviously it was meant as color more than anything else.

Having now been summarily booshed by Blythe though, I’m still a Lamb Of God fan. Even with Epic stiffing me for money on some ads I’ve ran for the band in the past. Unfortunately for me though I don’t have plans to leave the basement today (no seriously, he was right about that.)

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