Lamb Of God Frontman On Lack Of Innovation In Music And “Djent”


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe recently had some heated exchanges/rants regarding the lack of innovation in music today and the subgenre classification of metal music. Speaking on the former through his Twitter, he replied to the question “who would you say is a band that’s very influential in today’s decade…who is a pioneer?” with the following:

“In today’s decade? Nick Cave is still interesting to me. I dunno man- most music is garbage today. I’m waiting 4 innovation. Everything in modern culture is so derivative & referential. People’s HUMOR consists of one liners from other tv & people lives “#winning” Music is worse. The big thing now being “Mash ups”. Except for humor purposes (once again, ENTIRELY derivative), THEY SUCK. Write a NEW song I am trying my best to figure out a new way to think (only for MYSELF- I don’t want to change anyone but myself) about music, art, ect.

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I’m REALLY tired of the same old shit being constantly rehashed, ect. It’s particularly hard music- there are only so many notes, ect. So while I dont expect to invent some revolutionary new art form or music or writing, I WILL NOT succumb to the lackadaisical road most take. That road being “Don’t try, stay safe, & don’t put your neck on the line doing something that might make you look uncool” FUCK THAT SHIT & FUCK regurgitating someone elses music, writing, art, or stupid reality tv punchline. THIS IS YOUR FUCKING LIFE. WAKE UP & LIVE IT. G’nite”

Meanwhile, when asked “have you heard of djent” (once again via his Twitter,) Blythe launched into a series of discussions on the style and genre classifications in general with a handful of Twitter users. Some highlights from his responses include:

“THE STUPIDEST name yet for ANOTHER “genre” of metal. If you call yerself “djent”- cap yerself NOW”

“THERE IS NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS “DJENT”. ITS NOT A GENRE. I’m sorry, it’s STUPID AS FUCK. Metal already WAY over classified.”

“…all this BULLSHIT “Deathcore” & “Djentcore” & fucking “Cantplayinreallifebutcanonacomputer-core” it’s just a NAME”

“People can call themselves WHATEVER THEY WANT- it’s fucking heavy metal- this sub-classifying shit is a pathetic attempt to say that you are re-inventing the wheel. YOU ARE NOT. ITS FUCKING HEAVY METAL. Get over it. “Djent”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

“I can say that I am a fruit bat, copy fruit bat movements, & soon all my friends will too. Then we will have fruitbatcore. Can we fly? NO.”

“No, Meshuggah is NOT “djent”. Meshuggah is MESHUGGAH. FUCK.”

Of course, while fairly self-explanatory, more context for the replies can be found at Blythe‘s Twitter. He may just be onto something with fruitbatcore though, flying or not.

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