Welcome To The New


So yeah, you may have noticed there is a new design for Hopefully it doesn’t break. It’s secretly been in the works for a number of months. I’d like to thank the good people at Forefathers Group for all their hard work on making it a reality.

Please note, that some functions may not work entirely properly just yet, but they will shortly. Feel free to share your comments, concerns and of course hate below. Also if you spot a bug we missed, then post it here and we’ll get all Starship Troopers on it.

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While you’re cruising around be sure to note that you can now use Facebook Connect to login, meaning you can now comment from your Facebook account. Yay. The release dates and reviews section have also been entirely revamped as well.

You can also now vote on comments and finally actually reply to them individually (sorry about dropping the ball on that prior.) That said, have fun and hopefully the server won’t be a smoldering pile of broken dogshit by the time I wake up.

– wook

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