Nachtmystium Solidfy New Lineup


Nachtmystium have officially welcomed bassist Reid Raley of Rwake/Deadbird fame into their lineup. His addition sees the groups lineup now run as follows:

Vocals/guitars – Blake Judd
Guitars/vocals – Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi, Lord Mantis)
Keyboards – Sanford Parker (Minsk, Circle Of Animals)
Bass – Reid Raley (Rwake/Deadbird)
Drums – Charlie Fell (Avichi, Lord Mantis)

The band had the following statement to offer on the matter:

Nachtmystium is proud to announce that we’ve finalized our permanent line up for both the studio and the live fronts. Will Lindsay has left the band (drama and animosity-free, might we add) as he has committed his available touring time to his other band (and our good friends) INDIAN in the wake of their new Relapse Records debut (and the bands third full-length), “Guiltless” being released, as the band has a busy touring schedule for the rest of 2011 and into 2012.

The Indian dates were going to conflict with the Nachtmystium dates that we’d planned, so we all talked about what the best course of action from here was, and to not stifle the progress of either band, Will Lindsay offered to resign and let us find a permanent replacement that will be able to be a part of all the planned live events / touring that we have prepared for the rest of the year and into 2012.

As of June 11th at our gig with Orange Goblin, Buried At Sea, Solace, etc. at Double Door here in Chicago, Nachtmystium will be joined by our good friend Reid Raley of Arkansas heavy-hitters RWAKE on bass guitar!

Reid will be a permanent touring and studio member of Nachtmystium from now on. Nachtmystium, for the first time in the bands history as a full-time touring band, has a solid live line up that matches the studio line up. We intend to move forward and keep this group together indefinitely. It’s taken 10 years to put together the perfect band, and now we’ve got it.

So watch for us on the road starting in June and throughout the rest of the year! We anticipate that Reid‘s presence will not only bring a thunderous low-end onslaught on the live stage, but also will hopefully bring in some new elements into the writing of future Nachtmystium recordings.

So – as of May 2011, Nachtmystium officially is and will continue to be….

Blake Judd – Lead guitars, vocals
Andrew Markuszewski – Lead guitars, vocals
Sanford Parker – Synths
Reid Raley – Bass guitar
Charlie Fell – Drums

Charlie Fell, Andrew Markuszewski and Blake Judd have been functioning as a live unit (with rotating bass players) since February of 2010, and since then have played nearly 200 shows together. Starting in 2011, Sanford Parker, who recorded the last two full-lengths and one EP from Nachtmystium since 2008 and also performed synths on all three recordings, has started to tour with us as a live synth player.

Parker‘s presence really brings the bands studio sound to the live front in a way never achieved by the band prior to his arrival in the live line up. Now with the addition of Reid Raley, we hope to perfect the Nachtmystium live show and can continue to travel the world playing our brand of metal for all of you supporters out there.

Reid – welcome aboard.