Graveyard Hisingen Blues

Nuclear Blast 2011

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues


While Sweden’s Graveyard may come off like a lost transmission from the late 60’s/early 70’s era of classic rock, the groups Led Zeppelin worship has substantially broadened out on “Hisingen Blues“. For amidst the rich analog tones, overdriven fuzz and bong resin caked rock heroics lies an even deeper cut into more soulful territory.

Following in the footsteps of Cream and Blue Cheer, the group balance bluesy stomp with a scorched, sinewy rock n’ roll aesthetic that captures not only the vibe and atmosphere of a bygone era in the rock lexicon; but also the righteous attitude and playful experimentation.

Of course the material banks heavily on nostalgia. But that’s not to say the band rely on this as a gimmick as their innate musical ability and deceptively simplistic song arrangements are effortlessly entertaining.

Perhaps the biggest improvement Graveyard show on this album over past works though is focus. In figuratively distilling their material down to its skeletal rock n’ roll core, the rhythmic strengths and smokey riffs are given ample breathing room to fully ignite. In turn, there’s an inimitable raw passion that translates perfectly through the earthy discordance and ballsy jam room energy.

There’s no disputing that in essence Graveyard are a throwback group. But unlike their peers in Witchcraft, Graveyard rarely get lost in their own euphoric high. In dedicating themselves to the song and its momentum above all else; Graveyard have delivered an electrifying, incendiary trip through some of the high points of rock’s past with an appreciative touch of added hindsight.