War From A Harlots Mouth Stream New Track From Split With Burning Skies Online


War From A Harlots Mouth have made their new track “The Shape Of Nothing To Come” available for streaming through their Myspace. The song comes from the groups impending split with Burning Skies” which will see a July 20th North American release date through Lifeforce.

Speaking on their contributions to the split, the band had the following to offer:

“…The idea behind the songs for this split was to break our boundaries and do something different, once again. hardcore and punk always had a huge influence on us in one way or another. instead of just incorporating hardcore parts and elements into some of our songs (think of fighting wars with keyboards, keeping it up or crooks at your door), we always wanted to put out some sort of a real deal at some point.

well, we’re at this point right now. we knew that our next full length record wouldn’t have too much of a hardcore influence, if any. so when the opportunity of recording a split with our buddies in burning skies came up we took that chance to write those hardcore tunes.

keep in mind that those tracks are pretty extraordinary and something we’re not going to do again. it’s not gonna happen. this stuff couldn’t be further away from what we’ve been writing for our upcoming record…”

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