War From A Harlots Mouth

War From A Harlots Mouth Release Remastered “Transmetropolitan”


War From A Harlots Mouth have announced a new vinyl pressing of their 2007 debut album “Transmetropolitan“, which is available on a number of colored vinyl options. This version of the effort has also received a digital release and features a new mastering job. The band commented:

“13 years after its initial release, our debut album ‘Transmetropolitan‘ will be reissued on vinyl and digital formats with remastered audio. Both are available here:

After well over a decade, we were able to reclaim the rights for these recordings and finally give them the overhaul they deserved. And in true DIY spirit, this entire re-release is handled in-house by the band.

The new edition features a remaster made at Simon’s Sludge Studios. Rather than being louder than the original, it offers a greater dynamic range and delivers a much clearer sound with more bite than ever.

We are aware that this album means a lot to many of you, so we wanted to make sure that we do it justice and make this reissue the ultimate edition in every way. You have the choice to pick between the following vinyl variants:

Glow in the Dark Red /50
Glow in the Dark Blue /50
Trans Red/Blue Merge w/ White Splatter /100
Blue in Ultra Clear w/ White and Pink Splatter /150
Trans Blue/Turquoise Split w/ Red Splatter /250

Every pre-order receives an instant, free download of the remaster. Everyone else can also download it for free or name your price.

We believe digital sales should basically be treated like a tip jar and represent the value you see or hear in the music, rather than forcing you to pay some arbitrary amount when there are plenty of ways to listen to if for free. So have it your way!”

If you skipped the above, you can order this version of the album over at this location.

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