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Ex-Nothingface Drummer Tommy Sickles Returns In Smile Culture

Former Nothingface drummer Tommy Sickles has resurfaced in a new outfit dubbed Smile Culture. Thus far the group is rounded out by Ric Peters of The Perfects with a guitarist currently being sought. Early 2014 will bring with it the release of the bands debut album “Out To Lunch” with a stream of their first single “GGF” available after the break:


  • Sniki

    Reznor called, he wants his song back.

    Also, happy new year, PRPs! (or is it PRPrs?)

    • MyDarkPassenger

      We all took a vote a couple months ago and settled on PRPerps. And by all I mean me and Jiggle.

      • nymets71087

        When I see PRPerps, I read it as PRP-erps so the relation to “Perps” is non-existent. I think Perps is sufficient enough (you could spell it as PeRPs to keep the PRP in tact but I can’t take the upper/lower case seriously).

      • Lifeseclipse

        I kinda liked PRPassengers whoever said that.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        I can’t argue with either of these positions. We need a poll to make it official.

      • Sniki

        Personally, I’m ok with both PRPs (as “perps”) or PRPrs (as “perpers”)… But yeah, we defo need a vote for this.

        Wook, get on it, dammit! Also, hold more polls here, both serious and funneh!

  • Sam Eagle

    With the exception of Hellyeah, any project that features an ex-Nothingface member has ultimately failed to produce…

    And really, it’s negligible that Hellyeah has produced anything of significance either.

    What’s worse is that some of the projects even showed some potential of

    Kingdom of Snakes with Bill Gaal and Matt Holt
    Perfect Enemy with Bill Gaal and Matt Holt
    Coldwhitechrist with Tom Maxwell and Tommy Sickles
    Blessed in Black with Tom Maxwell Tommy Sickles, & Jerry Montano

    Tommy Sickles was briefly involved with a band called Noise Within…

    Now this project that sounds like it’s a “Pretty Hate Machine” era reject.

    • Tom

      kingdom of snakes, perfect enemy (use of this name was incredibly brief), and in for the kill (first release was called kingdom sessions, because the songs originated under the KOS name) are essentially the same band.

      im not even sure if matt was ever actually a member, i know that was the impression when KOS started, but he only sang on one song, supposedly played guitar, but according to wiki is uncredited on the EP other than the vocals.

      despite being a tad more commercial than nothingface, i always really liked the blessed in black song decadence is mine, thought it was a shame nothingface didnt re-record it when they reunited.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      I like Nothingface…

    • Bulletshock

      Did any of these bands especially Blessed in Black ever put an album out? If so, do you know where can I get it?

  • SpinSwimScream

    I really enjoyed the Nothingface album ‘Skeletons.’ Even ‘Violence’ has some decent tracks. This Smile Culture shit is not for me though. I never really liked anything from the members of Nothingface that wasn’t Nothingface. Hellyeah has to be one of the shittiest things to come from any of the members involved; some big names not doing big things.