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Tim Lambesis Defends Pyrithion Against Anti-Religious Claims, Explains Lyrical Concepts

As I Lay Dying/Allegaeon side project Pyrithion has released the below video which finds Tim Lambesis explaining the concept and lyrics behind the project and their recent debut EP, “The Burden Of Sorrow“. Along with various insight into the group and their songs, it finds Lambesis shooting down claims that the group sees the faith-based metaller straying from his beliefs.


  • adamonfire

    It’s quite evident that he’s done with religion but isn’t ready to come out yet.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Closeted unfaith?

      Doesn’t matter, when we die, we are dead, there is no other existence.

      Unless we can download ourselves into a computer. But that wouldn’t really be “us” would it? Then again most of our cells are not the same cells we had 7 years ago; therefore our downloaded self is just as relevant as our physical self, in terms of “self.”

      Someday, Wook will literally “be” theprp. Imortalis digitalis.

      • My Farts Linger

        Unfortunately, you can’t claim an absolute for something that isn’t, well, absolute. I an atheist (well, technically de-facto atheist if you’re using the Dawkin’s scale of belief), and while I strongly doubt god or an afterlife exists, the term “afterlife” is so vague that it is nearly impossibly to say, let alone know, that it doesn’t exist.

        As far as living beyond our physical bodies goes, watch an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, for fucks sake.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Mr. Linger, you seemed to have missed the larger part of my post where I address that my statement is not absolute. That part of the post begins with the word “unless.”

        I suggest you watch the documentary, Transcendent Man, please pardon the use of your parlance “for fucks sake.”

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        I thoroughly enjoyed Transcendent Man. It has been the topic of many mind-blowing conversations I’ve had with friends and gf since.
        Though, I was under the impression Ray seems too caught up in the idea of living forever, he only focuses on the positive possibilities.
        So tell me, what do you think will happen for mankind after singularity?

  • Alkeyhalikk

    Hail Satan.

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