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Dave Lombardo To Resurrect Grip Inc. With Amen’s Casey Chaos

Benched Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo doesn’t appear to be waiting around for his contractual dispute with the aforementioned band to get sorted out. In addition to being active with Philm, he also recently told that he plans on resurrecting Grip Inc. with Waldemar Sorychta. Lombardo also apparently told the site that Amen‘s Casey Chaos will be handling the vocals in the new incarnation of the band, replacing late frontman Gus Chambers.


  • Legion

    And then Grip Inc. and Systematic can hook up and go on the “No One Cares That Slayer Doesn’t Want You, You’re Just the Drummer” Tour.

  • Geor!

    Casey Chaos? I thought that dude died. Guess that’s partly because I haven’t given a shit about him in 10+ years. But I seriously thought he died of an overdose or something…

  • nothingness.

    I will listen to anything Casey Chaos does. We Have Come For Your Parents is in my top 10 albums of the last 20 years.

    • Legion

      Personally, I think their self-titled is better, but yeah Amen’s good shit.

    • UhMilhouse

      Parents is a great record. Can’t go wrong there. Some good tunes on Death Before Musick too.

  • AMeN



    I can dig this.

  • cma3585

    The one thing I enjoy about Casey’s involvement in anything is that he sincerely is one of the most pissed off vocalists in the business. There is no front or false anger in his vocals. The guy likely leads a relatively drug-addled miserable life and it really sounds like that on his recordings. I half-assed enjoyed Grip Inc in the past but thought they had some major hits and major misses on all their albums. I am vastly interested in hearing what Casey brings to this. And fuck Slayer (or rather, the Kerry King Band) for cutting Lombardo short all these years.