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The Acacia Strain Rarities To Be Released As “Money For Nothing” EP

The Acacia Strain‘s former label Prosthetic Records will be releasing a new limited edition EP from the band titled “Money For Nothing“. The outing will reportedly see a February 19th release date and feature a collection of alternate takes and rare tracks. Here’s how it will run:

01 – “Money For Nothing
02 – “Brown Noise” (alternate take from “The Dead Walk” sessions)
03 – “Global Warming
04 – “Stay Puft
05 – “The Hills Have Eyes” (alternate “Pentagon.3” version)
06 – “Terminated” (alternate “Pentagon.3” version)

It should be noted that the title track is listed as a previously unreleased original track from the “The Dead Walk” sessions and doesn’t appear to be a Dire Straits cover.


  • wyldweasil

    I have those original Pentagon.3 versions, it took me a while to warm up to the wormwood versions after hearing those before Wormwood was released. They sound a lot clearer, and they are tuned upwards of how they ended up on the album.


      I feel you on that wyldweasil. I have all Pentagon.3 versions and global warming and stay puft too had em for a while. I just wonder how that alternate version of Brown Noise is gonna be!

  • scorpions

    The note was extremely helpful. The Dire Straits version popped into my head immediately…

    • dagger666

      same here. Really pumped for this EP. I quite enjoyed staypuft and global warming, also I think the pentagon version of Terminated is killer.