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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Takes Issue With “No Cussing” Requests At Jacksonville, Florida Show

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis made a rather symbolic gesture during his bands April 29th performance at “Rockville 2012” in Jacksonville, FL at Metro Park. Davis took a sign from the stage that said “no cussing” and tore it up during the groups cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Another Brick In The Wall“.

Fan-filmed footage of the move, and accompanying rant, can be seen below. Meanwhile, Davis commented on the incident via his Twitter offering:

“walked on stage tonight in Jacksonville FL. they had “NO CUSSING” signs on the monitors WTF!!!!!!! Thought we lived in the USA MOTHERFUCKERS”

“I pick up the sign during brick in the wall held it up for the fans to see I sang” we don’t need no thought control”and tore it to shreds”

“Fuck them I added even more “cussing” to the set”


  • TheMediaProphet

    Saying the word fuck is not a thought. Any prohibition of language though, should have been discussed before the band and venue signed the contract. But to label it thought control is childish, and depending on the venue, or if it was an event put on by a private company, this may or may not be considered limiting free speech. If I ask an employee not to say fuck to a customer, this is not a violation of the first amendment.

    • Ph8ed36CF

      At the same time, buyer beware. Do the research and look at track record. If someone is a loose cannon, by accident or by trait, know ahead of time before agreeing to anything.

      Korn was sought out because of the size of crowds and money that the promoters thought could be brought in. Same applies to business. You hire someone for what they can bring to the team and final product. While you’re correct and I agree that as the employer you have the right to ask an employee to behave but you cannot expect to buffer everything that comes out of their mouths. And for a lot of people, being told not to do something makes them want to do it more, even if they had no intention of it in the first place. But, you chose to bring it up and out right deny them something. Most people – peons excluded – will look to rebel.

      • Aggroculture

        What the fuck is wrong with Florida?

      • TheMediaProphet

        Totally agree. Back in ’99 my band was lucky enough to be chosen to open for Zao at a local venue. We were a nu-metal band (yea, I know, it was 1999, though) and our lyrics were pretty vulgar as was our banter in between songs. We were known for crazy shows and being the out of control to an extent. While we were setting up, the owner of the club told us that Zao was bringing a Christian crowd and asked us not to cuss. I told him that I didn’t mind trying to keep it clean, but that we weren’t going to rewrite the lyrics to our songs at the last minute and he knew who we were when he booked the show. My singer wasn’t as gracious. I would say that was one of the more profanity-laced shows we played. Another time we played a battle of the bands at Ft. Campbell. We found out that day that you are apparently not allowed to cuss on stage on an army base. When we were asked mid-show to clean up our language, we told the promoter to go fuck himself and less than a minute later MP’s were walking onto the stage. We lost that battle. While I thought that both instances were bullshit, I didn’t see either one of them as a hinderence of my right to free speech.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        i’ve never really felt like over-using ‘fuck’ when the people paying you to play in a venue was artistically courageous, it always struck me as kind’ve a dick thing to do. Maybe you’re an artist (if you’re not jonathan davis from korn), but when someone books you and asks you not to use profanity as a condition to play a venue, don’t be a cock and say fuck every two words like some pissed off fifteen year old (granted…jonathan davis IS a pissed off fifteen year old, i don’t care how old he actually is) …it just seems juvenile and immature to me. granted, i agree that the issue of language should be brought up Before the band gets onstage, but if it’s brought up as a condition beforehand, be a grown up.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        *people at a venue ask you not to

        goddamn editing.

      • TheMediaProphet

        I agree, but if it’s not discussed before or at the time of booking, it’s not a condition. If you are booked and are about to go on stage, or in Jonathan’s case, have gone on stage, it’s no longer a condition – it’s a request. Was his reaction childish? That’s left to opinion. I think it was childish, but I know a lot of posters here will call me a fascist for thinking so.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        oh, to be sure, don’t book a band with songs like A.D.I.D.A.S and then think you’re going to tell them as they’re going onstage that they can’t use profanity, they’d need to plan that ahead of time. i do think his reaction was childish, though. like, you’re 40, you’re capable of not saying ‘fuck’ for an hour without throwing a tantrum. i would think, any way.

    • carlosfranco

      Nothing about this was childish. Speaking one’s on mind regardless of the venue or event is adult. Children are the ones whose speech is normally controlled. I don’t agree with that either but to the people that do, this man is an adult. Yes that is redundant but it seems as though you need reminding of that. The idea that free speech is only illegal to control when you use the government t do it is asinine. There are certain things in our constitution that simply just need amended and the first amendment is one of them. It needs to be more free. If I want to or if anyone wants to say any word or discuss any topic in any location than it should be allowed. I don’t mean just the government. In my house, in a public forum, in a private forum, any business, school, hospital, basically any fucking where you exists. The idea that certain words are bad is the most ridiculous idea that has ever been conceived and not to mention actually childish. If I were JD in this situation I would have played every song that had the most cussing possible and then sang the National Anthem with a fuck thrown in before nearly every word. Oh fucking say can you fucking see!

  • Njustice4all


  • Aggroculture

    Korn hasn’t released “clean” versions of their albums, for Wal-Mart or what have you?

  • veganbassist

    To expect a band with Parental Advisory’s on every one of their albums not to swear seems a bit mundane.

    • nymets71087

      I think you need to look up the definition for the word, “mundane.”

      • RxInfection

        Aye, I think the word he’s searching for is “asinine”. Much like this entire story.

      • veganbassist

        And that’s why I shouldn’t get high before posting on message boards.


    I still dont get why some words are “bad” or vulgar. Seriously, that’s the dumbest shit mankind has come up with. Moving on…

    • Aggroculture

      Fuck you, cuntpussy.

      *Not being vulgar, just making conversation.*

    • Lifeseclipse

      I see from your picture that Danny Bonaduce can use a copy machine.

      • jayofdajungle

        HA HA

      • jayofdajungle

        Or he just sold his pubes to Eric Cartman

    • WURST

      Danny Bonaduce? Bro, that dude is easily 30 years young than him. My profile picture is that punk ass bitch Jonny Craig waiving yaw niggaz Macbook money, weeerd.

      • jayofdajungle

        I didn’t even recognize him, picture is too small, only saw the dude a few times when the Mac Book shit was going down. I always thought it was you trying to floss. I have to give you a delayed +1. That picture is funny as hell now that I know who it was.

    • carlosfranco

      Totally agree. That is a point I tell anyone anytime they try and say certain words are bad. Its not like language has always existed and certain words are bad and certain words are good. They are all made of the same letters and mean nothing more than the meaning we put to them.

  • Lifeseclipse

    Oh Korn, you 40 year old rebels, you.

  • HoodooOperator

    Ya’ know..between this and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day getting kicked off of a plane because he couldn’t sag his pants…
    I mean, what are you rebelling against as a 40-something millionaire? Honestly? When you’re in your 40s’ and you’ve made millions of dollars, throwing a fit like a pissy, angst-filled teen is pathetic. And as a band like Korn, who’s relevance has been on a steady decline since 2002, you’d think the last group of people you’d want to go out of your way to piss of are promoters.

  • chevelle1984

    Honestly, the promoters had to have some sort of retardation before thinking of asking Korn to play this show if they knew they were going to throw those up after the fact. The fact that he used the pink floyd song as a stage for him tearing it up was obviously obvious. Who gives a shit at what part of the song it takes place in or he chose to do it in. And if you fucktards wanna talk about relevance, they are more relevant than MOST of the bands that are posted on this site, still today, no matter how fucking shitty they are, were or are going to be/get. They are at least 50% of the reason this site exists for you neckbearded, mouth breathing mid 20 year old teenagers to post on.
    There I said it. lol
    Fuck everyone below this post, and long live the theprp. (PIMP ROCK PALACE) for those of you born in the 90′s and/or ignant idyuts.

  • slut

    Holy shit, dude has mad zoom on that camera!

  • tenwestchaser

    No ones yet commented on the atrocity that is Korn even attempting to go anywhere near a Pink Floyd track? Granted, they made the most obvious song selection (which is to be expected from a band like Korn) but it still turns my stomach.

    • Aggroculture

      Sigh…that cover is possibly the worst thing Korn has ever done. And they insist on playing it all the fucking time. I guess at this point no one has the heart to tell them how shit it is.

      • carlosfranco

        I love Korn but you are close to right, the Word up cover then the Wall cover. I wish they would never play them both and use that time to play something off of Issues.

  • Moxy? Oh, Brian

    on a side note…picturing jon davis with that stupid, god awful yelling voice saying “i thought this was america motherfuckers” makes me laugh every time i do it. try it. it’s great.

    • jayofdajungle


  • Bitter Old Man

    The is the first time Jonathan Davis has done something worth supporting since people were carrying pagers. Just sad it has nothing to do with new Korn music.

  • Darkdevout

    Fuck this, Adams dead, Wheres his headline article!?