Korn’s Jonathan Davis Takes Issue With “No Cussing” Requests At Jacksonville, Florida Show


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis made a rather symbolic gesture during his bands April 29th performance at “Rockville 2012” in Jacksonville, FL at Metro Park. Davis took a sign from the stage that said “no cussing” and tore it up during the groups cover of Pink Floyd‘s “Another Brick In The Wall“.

Fan-filmed footage of the move, and accompanying rant, can be seen below. Meanwhile, Davis commented on the incident via his Twitter offering:

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“walked on stage tonight in Jacksonville FL. they had “NO CUSSING” signs on the monitors WTF!!!!!!! Thought we lived in the USA MOTHERFUCKERS”

“I pick up the sign during brick in the wall held it up for the fans to see I sang” we don’t need no thought control”and tore it to shreds”

“Fuck them I added even more “cussing” to the set”