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DevilDriver Frontman Dez Fafara Slams Online Pirates

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has jumped headlong into the current piracy debates raging around the internet. Speaking through his Twitter, Fafara bluntly engaged with numerous Twitter users on the subject.

Some of his non-conversation rants on piracy can be found below:

“Feds shut down “MEGA-UPLOAD” ! Good ! Shut down all sites pirating COPYWRITTEN material ! Fuck your PC view ! It’s illegal &it’s killing underground art-taking the food from my kids mouths,& putting thousands who create distribute and perpetuate art outOfBusiness”

“Yea let’s bitch and moan that you can’t get music or movies for free anymore ! The word is thief I believe !”

“Pirate COPY written material to profit,to gain revenue from adds on there sites and the artist gets nothing ! CEO of mega was making 110Mill”

“And the Artist that says I would rather be poor than let these sites be shut down is ignorant and pandering and PC and Wrong and a Liar !”

“But Dez I downloaded for free then came to a show ! How does that pay back the record company ? O yea – that’s why the labels want 360Deals”

“If I download and I like it I go buy it ? Go to iTunes listen for free then pay if you want it – it doesn’t work backwards sorry #truth”

“If it wasn’t for illegal downloading I would have never of heard of your band? Fucked up logic”

“I sat here for days listening to this shit from all you and artists I admire some of which are so flawed Privacy on the Internet? Hilarious”

“O in these economic times it’s tough so we steal CDs and movies #Thief !”

“A-story Clouds over calif had 1 million views on utube and our label removed it I was stoked as you should go to the artist or record site”

“You people throw the word Government around like you have privacy-Sorry to inform you big brother has got you from day one Socialsecurity #”

“What have we learned That privacy is false that thinking your securing privacy on a world net is false that Stealing material is wrong”

“And to all the news sites that pick up on these conversations from myself or other artists put our words on your site so u get more cash”

“For adds u owe us ! Cause this site @evilriver is COPYWRITTEN under the heading #imOn2U”


  • Vautour

    That man should know better than all this crap, considering that he’s 45. He also might have learned the difference between ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ by now.

    • jampola

      Spot on. Seriously, nothing like bad Engrish to make you look even more like an over the hill jerk.

  • Vautour

    That man should know better than all this crap, considering that he’s 45. He also might have learned the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ by now.

  • Ska_Mitzvah

    What a fucking goof.

  • JohnnyWetTowel

    Fuck off, Dez.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Go put on some fish nets,call up ol’ Meegs Rascon and go cry in each other laps.
    I bet Drainman and Blythe are already over there waiting for you with a cheese tray and a bottle of Reisling.

  • rumsem

    I can see where these guys are coming from as far as potentially losing money or the backing from their labels as a result of illegally downloaded material, however what I don’t understand is why they don’t make a change and adapt to the technology that isn’t going to go away. Take the comedian Louis C.K. for example, puts up the money to film one of his performances, pays for it to be released at $5 a pop…makes a million off it in a week or two. Puts out a stellar product, doesn’t charge out the ass…makes more money than ever. What a concept. He says he basically just asked his fans to not steal it, knowing that some would, and some wouldn’t. It beats trying to charge $30 for a dvd knowing that only a few will buy and the rest will download… I think a lot of acts should try and take a route similar to this.

    • Relentless_Beating

      First, great example! Second, what a great performance! Third, I’m glad to say I bought that performance, and it was a great 5 dollars spent. Worth it. Devildrivers music though… nah.

    • TheGoodDoctor

      i have often wondered why more bands/artists/performers don’t do this…..just seems to make more sense than just about anything else these days.

    • AMeN

      Ha I bought a copy too, but I frequent reddit way too much so that helped, and the fact that his show is fucking hilarious. The bit on masturbation and god, wow so funny.

    • lateraleye789

      I had not heard about that and I want to thank you for letting me know about it. I bought that shit last night both because Louis CK is fucking hilarious and because I am happy to support shit like this. If bands did shit like this, selling a digital download of their new CD for $5 I would buy more music.

  • smartassboiler

    For every intelligent response like Heafy’s, there’s about 10 of these. *sigh*

    I guarantee you that online downloading has increased DevilDriver’s fan base. It’s probably led to additional album purchases, although admittedly probably not many, but I have to imagine it’s led to increased ticket/merch sales.

    Dez, there’s something called the big picture. Get acquainted with it.

  • wearesorta138

    “And the Artist that says I would rather be poor than let these sites be shut down is ignorant and pandering and PC and Wrong and a Liar !” Fuck, I never knew it was PC to download off those sites. So, to go against the moral majority I should give money to the record company that got you in debt to begin with? Does this mean weed and white lightenin’ is now PC because, um, I’ve been politically fucking correct for years now.

  • A. Estes

    These tweets are pretty hilarious, especially the last two. Also, it’s good to know Dez’s written English is about as solid as his lyrical vocabulary. BIG TRUCK!

  • AJP

    Fuck the Police!

  • metal1pat

    These guys should all spend as much time bitching at their record companies as they do ranting on twitter. All you hear is a bunch of bitching, but nobody has a solution. From the looks of their timelines they’re pissing off alot of fans as well. IMO the record companies are the ones to blame because they have failed to adapt or come up with a plan to stay relevant in the internet age.
    I’m no expert on the matter, but it was always my understanding artists make pennies on the dollar on album sales, while the majority of the money is made from touring and merchandise. If your getting hosed on the last 2 that’s your fault for signing a shitty contract.

    • lateraleye789

      Thank you, so sick of bands bitching about 360 deals, whatever the fuck those are, and blaming it on piracy. It’s not the internet’s fault that you signed a fucked up contract. Maybe it’s why labels only offer shitty contracts, but you don’t have to sign the fucking things.

  • SRSS

    We should be able to pay directly to the band’s bank account (easy to set up on a website) and then download it straight from there too.

    No middle men required. There is a reason why record companies haven’t adapted to the consumer’s needs. Because the future does not need them.

    Also this way, the band gets near 90% of digital downloads easy. Then this cash can be used to make physical copies if fans want and distribute them via an independent service.

    10 songs from official website with all net profit to the band, or 1000 downloads of itunes to have a similar return?

    If you are good, marketing will take care of itself. End of.

  • Furtheron

    Dez has been slamming more than just online pirates

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    I’ve bought and enjoyed every DevilDriver album, but probably won’t buy any more. So Dez never made tapes of his favorite songs when he was younger? Never traded tapes? He never bought a used LP or CD or movie? Because artists never got that money either. He’s just fucking wrong about this subject.

  • HornsandClaws

    Honestly. All you people that comment are fools. All these musicians make a living off your everyday essential while driving, working out, or jerking off whatever you morons do with your music. When you complain the IRS takes too much taxes off your check, you bitch and complain. When you don’t get a raise at work, you bitch and complain. When your fucking hungry and can’t pay rent because you have no money, you bitch and complain. These guys have a life to live and they put on shows for you. They can have a 8 to 5 job but they rather do what they love. Don’t be slamming on the musicians cause you live mommy still. This is why I’m a firm believer in genocide. Correct my grammar, FUCK YOU! and I wish death upon you all.

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      You’re a firm believer in genocide because people download music illegally? Please don’t breed.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        I pay for my music and wish death upon no one who does not. HornsandClaws… you may have anger issues.

      • HornsandClaws

        Ok so I said what I said and yet you people can say genocide is bad? So what Dez said doesn’t mean shit but you people that comment and put down what musicians say is right? Ok. Thumbs up to you! And that is not anger problems. I don’t download illegal music. I don’t go into gas stations and grocery stores and walk out with beer without paying. I support these metal bands by purchasing their shit as its always meant to be.

      • HonoluluBlueBalls

        Yes Adolf, I can say genocide is bad. You have no argument here. There is no comparison between internet piracy and the systematic extermination of an entire race or religion. You’re an idiot, but that doesn’t mean I believe that you and every other halfwit on this planet should be put to death. I respect your right to lead a handicapped existence.

      • TheGoodDoctor

        well put mr. balls, well put.

    • jrr

      Oh, you’re just precious.

      • MARIACHI EL willX

        who are you hitting on?

    • mirrorBaLLin

      are you saying you pay for all your crappy DDriver music?

    • Vautour

      Genocide – you keep using that word, but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • jrr

    Well this is just hilarious. …Not much else to be said.

  • mirrorBaLLin

    What a hard ass! I remember back in the day when he would have to hire security every time playing in jersey. This was after Fury of Five beat him down pretty good during a show at the stone pony. Stop acting tough Dez!!

  • DEADshot35

    Same old crap….”Your taking food out of my childrens mouth”, Do you mean taking the BMW out of your garage? If you dont like how much your paid in your profession, then do something else.

    • asull24

      it doesnt matter if he has a bmw or a piece of crap car.if you dont like how much a cd costs get a better paying job and buy your entertainment. their is no middle ground your a thief or your not. like rape No means No. anyone who pirates music is a it or not.

      • sansself

        “Get a better paying job”? Really? That’s your answer? Because I don’t think you’re living in reality here buddy. Not all of us can find jobs that pay enough to count right now. Some of us had them and lost them because our former bosses like BMWs. Some of us can’t get them because we got into the job market late. Some of us are working two jobs or three just to try to make ends meet. How are those groups supposed to buy music when we can barely buy food?

        The world isn’t black and white. Thievery is not the same as rape. You are, however, a bag of tools.

      • asull24

        sansself i feel your pain but ……..

      • adamonfire

        The English language said no, yet you continue to rape it. In an Orwellian world where cops came to my door and said “pay for it or delete it,” quite a bit of my music would get deleted.

  • Scissorfight2012

    Dez Falafel………I think he and Randy Blythe are in a domestic partnership. I’m happy for them.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    It’s 2012, What’s done is done and it’s never going to be the way these bands guys rant about wanting it to be. And their rants damn sure aren’t going to stop it from happening.

    Simply put, If you don’t want your music to be downloaded illegally, Don’t put out music. Sad, But true. Also, NOT sad depending who you talk to…Like me for instance. I don’t give a shit. Haha.

    • HonoluluBlueBalls

      Agreed. These tweets, much like internet piracy, provide free entertainment and nothing more. Who gives a fuck if megaupload was shutdown anyways? There are plenty of other sites. When one goes down, another will come along to take its place. Pro-piracy, anti-piracy, who fucking cares? This is how your industry is now. Innovate or fade away (or tweet often and pretend you’re making a difference).

    • ExOblivione

      Well put. Dez and Randy and David can scream at us through social media all they want but it isn’t going to change the fact that things have changed. You want to shut down all the file sharing sites? Go ahead. The digital world will evolve and come up with another way to pirate material. You want to complain about the owner of Megaupload making millions off your music? Isn’t that what the record companies do? As someone said earlier stop bitching about pirated material and start questioning your record labels inability, no refusal, to adapt.

  • Lifeseclipse

    I’m too lazy to download shit. I would have to go find Utorrent program and install it, then search for what I want, make sure it’s the real deal, then wait for it to download. By the time it gets done, I don’t even like the band anymore. So much easier to drive to Wal-Mart, find out that they don’t carry Devildriver, and then come home with out it.

    • allichs

      nobody should use torrents anymore, have you been sleeping under a rock?

      • adamonfire

        Torrents all day, son

      • allichs

        not using torrents since Aug 2007, when I got a account. doesn’t get easier and faster than that.

    • southpawchew

      so…. u saying its easier to drive to walmart, look for something that they obviously wouldnt have and if they did it would be censored and drive back home rather then just wait atm 15 minutes for something to download? sounds like a waste of time and gas to me.

      • adamonfire

        If the top of your head is around 6′, his comment is hovering somewhere in the 7′ range.

      • Lifeseclipse

        Thanks adam, I laughed really hard just now. And then I read your reply and laughed even harder. I think allichs might have missed the ball too.

  • mad_hiddy

    Dez doesn’t realize that the Music Industry is killing music. MONEY is killing music. Stop blaming the people who like your music, and focus on tearing down the same system that is strangling new media.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Oh wow. Coal Chamber’s beating Refused, Ministry, & He Is Legend??? 무엇 성교?

    • allichs

      mad world.

  • Sniki

    I love how those rants start like “people are idiots, I better re-educate them!” and end up just being a bunch of nonsense, attacks and whining. I mean, why does he have to attack news sites for posting his rants, considering he’s supposedly a relevant artist (note the use of “supposedly” there), discussing a highly relevant topic (SOPA)? Even if he doesn’t understand it, illegal downloads help all bands, from the smallest teen garage bands to the biggest megastars – exposure to their product gets them attention, and eventually, benefits from CD/merch/ticket sales. And news sites do the same, they bring attention to their bands, even if it’s for issues away from the actual music. Yet he prefers to slam them all while sitting on his throne of awesomnia and true art, or whatever? He might just as well come out during his shows, and call his fans retards. Seriously idiotic.

    PS. “A-story Clouds over calif had 1 million views on utube and our label removed it I was stoked as you should go to the artist or record site” <- can someone translate that (to some understandable language like english) for me, please?

    • adamonfire

      I think he’s saying that he would prefer people waste their time going from label site to label site instead of visiting YouTube as a one-stop-shop to view/listen to everything.

    • Rakasta

      I figured it out. “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

  • tenwestchaser

    “If I download and I like it I go buy it ? Go to iTunes listen for free then pay if you want it – it doesn’t work backwards sorry #truth”

    Ok, Dez. Explain to me how the end result is any different. We either aren’t going to buy the record that we wouldn’t buy anyway or we do like what we hear and decide to buy it. Are you afraid that the shit you’ve made and called music for years won’t hold up on it’s own? Have to sucker people into buying an inferior product first? Douche.

    Always thought this dude was a clown. He even likes to dress like one.

    • XdeathburgerX

      Well said, pretty much my thoughts exactly, regardless of how I preview it, if it sucks, i’m not buying it, so either way you’re not getting my $. Make good music and It will sell itself.

    • Lifeseclipse

      Why use iTunes to preview songs when YouTube is the easiest? I don’t have an iPod, I don’t go to iTunes. I don’t listen to metal over pussy little headphones. I crank CD’s in my car so children and the elderly, who are lucky enough to be near me at stop lights, get their days brightened that much more.

      • G Scotty

        haha i feel the exact same way, i like music loud in my car and on a good system in my home. I use headphones for those times it is necessary, buts that just to until i get to my car or back home! YouTube is a great way to test drive, and i agree on what you said about YouTube getting artists paid. I’m at work and have been watching videos for old Cancer Bats, and i plan on purchasing them later on today….dont know if SOPA will crush this or not, but here’s another example of someone streaming unautorized music on a website that leads to the artist getting paid.

      • adamonfire

        Well in the modern world you could create a playlist on YouTube, load it up on your phone, plug it into your car and have at it. It will be of lower quality of course, but it’s still free*.

        *Services are not available with all phones. The amount of data transmitted over our network is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Unless specified otherwise 1024KB equals 1MB. 1024MB equal 1GB. Usage is calculated on a per kilobyte, megabyte or gigabyte (depending on your plan) basis and is rounded up to the next whole kilobyte, megabyte or gigabyte. Rounding occurs at the end of each session or each clock hour and at which time we deduct accumulated usage from your plan, or assess overage or casual usage charges. You are responsible for all data activity from and to your device, regardless of who initiates the activity. Estimates of data usage will vary from actual use. Your invoice will not separately identify the number of kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes attributable to your use of specific sites, sessions or services used. Premium content (games, ringtones, songs, etc.) priced separately. Services are not available for use in connection with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private lines or frame relay connections. Except with Phone-as-Modem plans, you may not use a phone (including a Bluetooth phone) as a modem in connection with a computer, PDA, or similar device. We reserve the right to deny or terminate service without notice for any misuse or any use that adversely affects network performance. Availability of downloadable or streaming content is subject to change, including but not limited to television channels and radio stations. If user is not subscribed to a data included plan or add-on, Pay-As-You-Go charges are incurred when using data applications and services.

      • Aries Veil

        So you’re the fucking douche bag that plays St.Anger at 11 when he’s at a stop light? Dude, no one likes you, or your music. Roll up your windows, put the T roof back on, and turn that shit down.

      • lllslinklll

        Because connecting an iPod to a car stereo is impossible!

      • Lifeseclipse

        Fuck that Aries. Someone pirated me a copy of St. Anger and I threw it away after one listen. I had to wash my ears with “Disposable Heroes” to get all the St. Anger out. I was still listening to Meshuggah’s Nothing album at the time anyways.

        Metallica; 1984 – 1989 R.I.P.

  • lllslinklll

    Can I change my vote on the reunion poll?

    • southpawchew

      why did u vote for coal chamber?

      • lllslinklll

        Because there’s this wonderful thing called “musical taste” and it varies from person to person.

  • Infinite Third

    Honestly, if you’re a professional musician and you’re this bitter about everything, you don’t deserve to play music for people. Find something that brings you joy and that you’d do for free because the world doesn’t need your bitchy attitude.

  • LunyAlex

    Just made an account to say :

    It’s sad that the guys that should be “sticking it to the Man” are bending over for some CD sales.
    It almost sounds as if they’d be supporting SOPA and similar acts if it assured them their albums would sell more copies.
    I get it. Piracy is illegal and unfair to the artist. But as other people here have stated, instead of whining about it 10 years too late, work around it.
    What really bothers me is the confidence with which they throw such rants out there.
    Fact is the phenomenon is extremely complex from both legal and moral perspectives, so to go on such rants with such inertia demonstrates a lack of full grasping for the subject.

    Oh well.

  • G Scotty

    Here’s an idea, Dez! Make better music, doucher. I won’t even waste my time pirating your shit music. I have been paying attention to this SOPA shit for almost a year now, although i dont know if it was called SOPA back then. Either way, i have since stopped downloading a lot of music, for my own personal reasons. Bands that i have come to love and respect, i do buy those albums. For instance, just yesterday i completed a sale on the deluxe edition of the new Every Time I Die album, i know i could just wait til it leaks but i want that physical product because they are incredible. I do still download…for example, i downloaded the entire Pantera discography today to put on my phone, but i figure its not stealing since i already bought them, ust didnt feel like digging them up to rip them to digital. I find maybe 1 album a month or less that even worth my extra attention, and i am ok paying for that. I did download letlive.’s latest cd to see if i liked it…didnt, deleted. this is going nowhere at this point, so i’ll just click post comment.

    • Lifeseclipse

      I intended on saying something about this same deal, but you put it well. My example was more like, just this last month (and I am honest about this, this is not just a scenario); Because of YouTube I decided to buy 2 albums that I wasn’t sure about. I listened to the whole thing and I was pleased. They are from a few years ago, but YouTube just got them paid. Lamb of God put up their own video for that Ghosts of whatever song they have out now. Based on that song alone, I will NOT be picking up Lamb of God. Randal can be an idiot on twitter all he wants, but if the new LoG was good, I would buy it. It just isn’t worth it to me so far.

  • lateraleye789

    Most of this is about as coherent as those Nigerian prince spam emails. Is English his first language?

  • Lifeseclipse

    After reading alot of these, it just occurred to me… and thumbs up if you think “yes”.

    Do you think they will be seeing the crowds start to thin out at the shows of these guys who get on here and rant at the fans about piracy? Are they gonna look at the books and say, “Gee Dez/Randal, ever since you freaked out on the twitters, we’ve really seen a slump in ticket sales and merch.”

    • adamonfire

      I want to say I don’t think it’ll affect ticket sales as much as how their fans perceive the quality of their new music, and I wonder if the artists that bitch about piracy will put a little but less effort into their work as they feel it will be pirated (I would assume no, but some will use any excuse for a subpar output.) Of all the bands/people that have been speaking out, the one I listen to the most is probably Norma Jean – and I wouldn’t see them unless they had some solid support.

  • fuck obama

    Dez is the result of his mom having anal and getting pregnant. There has been other cases of ass babies being born also. I think it is one of the guys in Lamb of God.

    • JohnnyWetTowel

      I fucking knew it. Take THAT private school, sexual education!

  • CrazyChris576

    I respect Dez as a person and as a musician, and I do enjoy his music, but GODDAMN, if he is saying this shit, then he is a total slave to the industry and the system.

    Dez, your bands are on Roadrunner, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. The CEO of Warner Bros. wants to keep driving a Rolls-Royce, eating caviar, owning a summer home in the Caribbean, and flying in a private jet. So he jacks up the prices on your music and the music of all of his other artists. This means fewer people can afford the music, which drops your sales. But you have to keep giving the same amount of money to the label or else you get dropped. So you have to tour more and work harder to earn. Eventually, though, it gets to the point where none of the artists are pulling their weight, and the CEO jacks up prices again. And thus the cycle continues.

    The problems with the music industry can all be traced back to one thing: the people in power at the Big 4 US Labels (Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, and EMI) not wanting to leave the status quo behind and accept change, because doing those two things would mean they earn less money. And all of the artists out there, for one reason or another, are allowing this to happen.

    Hey, here’s a tip, Dez – SELF-RELEASE YOUR PRODUCT! If you want people to buy your shit and you want to receive the most profit from your product, self-release it. Then you won’t have to be in one of those 360 deals you complained about way up there, and you won’t have to give money to a faceless, soulless corporation that’s only after your cash, not your talent.

    If that doesn’t work for you, and you decide you NEED a record label, then join an indie label!!!!!! Get off the major label and encourage every artist you’re friendly with to do the same! If the CEO’s of the Big 4 labels suddenly find one day that they have no artists that they can make money from, they’re gone, and suddenly, you’re the master of your own destiny. Make it happen if you’re really so serious about this issue. If you remove the REASON why people pirate music, then you remove the motivation.

    • tentonwolf

      CrazyChris576 nailed this shit.

  • Dixon Cider

    Real music lovers don’t steal music. Douchebags who watch american idol, glee, want the latest shitty ass new single on the charts steal music.

  • Piercing Madman

    Okay, I am a Devil Driver fan, BUT this bitching about about downloading music is plain stupid. some people made the comment that artist only see pennies from album sales THIS IS TRUE. most bands get paid a nickle per-album. so divide that by 5 and that means he personally gets a penny. So if he is going to be bitching about money maybe he should of chose a better career then. I am a tattoo artist. its feast or famine for most of us just like it is for him. BUT YOU DON’T SEE US BLAMING OUR CLIENTS! He is blaming his fans for downloading his music, lets see what happens when no one shows up for a devil driver show, or when no one will buy any more $8 koozies. As far as 360 deals go, YOUR FANS DID NOT MAKE YOU SIGN THAT. YOU SIGNED IT! So sleep in the bed you made man. Shit a lot of bands and what not are recording themselves and putting thier stuff on the internet….. RADIOHEAD (which i do not like) they let thier fans choose the price I have several friends who still paid $10 …HELLO ?? HAVE YOU HEARD OF PRO-TOOLS??? OR A MACBOOK???? At the end of the day Dez we choose what we do in life, you made this life your path for yourself, adapt and to remind you of your music take this line to heart
    “Ive been taught to get the fuck up
    to dust myself off, and to go it again” Practice what you Preach

  • Bob Ross

    So after reading this article a couple of days ago, I went and downloaded the last 2 DevilDriver albums. I bought the first 3 and thought they had gotten progressively worse and didn’t care enough to buy any more. All I can say about the latest two is – Meh…