DevilDriver Frontman Dez Fafara Slams Online Pirates


DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has jumped headlong into the current piracy debates raging around the internet. Speaking through his Twitter, Fafara bluntly engaged with numerous Twitter users on the subject.

Some of his non-conversation rants on piracy can be found below:

“Feds shut down “MEGA-UPLOAD” ! Good ! Shut down all sites pirating COPYWRITTEN material ! Fuck your PC view ! It’s illegal &it’s killing underground art-taking the food from my kids mouths,& putting thousands who create distribute and perpetuate art outOfBusiness”

“Yea let’s bitch and moan that you can’t get music or movies for free anymore ! The word is thief I believe !”

“Pirate COPY written material to profit,to gain revenue from adds on there sites and the artist gets nothing ! CEO of mega was making 110Mill”

“And the Artist that says I would rather be poor than let these sites be shut down is ignorant and pandering and PC and Wrong and a Liar !”

“But Dez I downloaded for free then came to a show ! How does that pay back the record company ? O yea – that’s why the labels want 360Deals”

“If I download and I like it I go buy it ? Go to iTunes listen for free then pay if you want it – it doesn’t work backwards sorry #truth”

“If it wasn’t for illegal downloading I would have never of heard of your band? Fucked up logic”

“I sat here for days listening to this shit from all you and artists I admire some of which are so flawed Privacy on the Internet? Hilarious”

“O in these economic times it’s tough so we steal CDs and movies #Thief !”

“A-story Clouds over calif had 1 million views on utube and our label removed it I was stoked as you should go to the artist or record site”

“You people throw the word Government around like you have privacy-Sorry to inform you big brother has got you from day one Socialsecurity #”

“What have we learned That privacy is false that thinking your securing privacy on a world net is false that Stealing material is wrong”

“And to all the news sites that pick up on these conversations from myself or other artists put our words on your site so u get more cash”

“For adds u owe us ! Cause this site @evilriver is COPYWRITTEN under the heading #imOn2U”