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Primer 55 Sign With THC : Music, New Albums Planned

Primer 55 have inked a worldwide deal distribution deal with THC : Music/Rocket Science. The band will apparently release their new self-titled album on March 13th in partnership with the aforementioned label and band nucleus Bobby Burns‘ own Family For Life label.

In addition to the new album the group are prepping a collection of b-sides and rarities entitled “The Big F.U.” for a February 14th release date. The effort will feature nearly 20 tracks including demos, b-sides and rarities spanning their career; plus their out-of-print offering, “As Seen On TV“.


  • Sketchmcgee

    i wonder if they will still suck…

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    two albums? wow, i had no idea the price of methamphetamine had risen so high as of late. damn greek economy!

  • Bulletshock

    Will it be the shit punk incarnation

    or washed up aging replacement vocalist version of the band

    This band needs their original singer back even if he is a junkie.

  • A. Estes

    I can’t believe these guys are even still trying. The New Release was a solid effort, but that was a good ten years ago. Last I heard, Bobby’s the only original member so somehow I don’t expect them to be recapturing what little glory they ever had to begin with.

  • metaldetected

    Not to shit on this, but man; I can’t help myself.

    1) Just because Bobby Burns puts his name on it, does NOT make it Primer 55. Bobby Burns: YOU are not Primer 55! I promise! I know you believe this creative entity known as “Primer 55″ was comprised of a single person; yourself… but suspend your disbelief for one moment — there were actually other people in the band! Key, vital people that clearly contributed a great deal to the end product. How do I surmise this?

    2) Let’s imagine a time, where Bobby’s solo career collided with some new people along the way. Let’s drop this imagination… somewhere between 2007 and 2009, after the original singer might have gotten pissed at Bobby’s greater focus on drinking and getting high and said “fuck this, I’m out” — again, we’re keeping the imagery going… now… let’s pretend that Burns might have been high enough to allow other people to participate in his “Primer 55″ project. Shortly thereafter, Primer 55 has reportedly reformed and recorded new hot jamz. (BTW, did we mention we’re sporting a shiny new vocalist and probably new “everybody except Bobby Burns” to shame and degrade any positive legacy that may have remained of the original band? Add that to the complex plot we have going). Now, what we just brought to life in our minds… what if it really happened? It’s painful, like memories of Uncle Carl’s naughty touch… I know; but let’s accept that this actually happened, it’s not merely a fantasy! I KNOW… god, I know… squeeze the pillow tighter if you need to…

    If you missed this travesty… you were blessed; not all were so lucky. I was tricked into the whole thing because I bought into the “Primer 55, back together” horse shit. If you need a quick summary of what you might’ve missed, imagine the worst music you’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing, then after copying it over, place your iPod far, deep up into the abyss of an angry gorilla’s asshole, and give it a quick listen. Did you imagine the music was fucking horrible beyond belief? Intolerable, even? If so, you’ve underestimated the steam wafting from this pile. It was infinitely more atrocious and vile than anything your feeble “not Bobby Burns” mind could ever hope to construct. Now… let’s step back before the eternal and complete ruination of Primer 55′s image. Back to 2007.

    3) I’m getting deja vu. Big time. Is it maybe because of the 1st attempt to cash in on a band that was (at the time) already 6 years dead and gone? -> — Was there doubt that this had been done before? Bobby, did you think we had forgotten all about that half-ass release, a lifetime of 4 years ago? (We understand if you have, and this could just be confusion on your part) Collectively, someone was bound to realize this as a 2nd attempt at making money off of a band that hasn’t *really* written music since around… 2001? A decade ago?

    Ok, so we must acknowledge, at least, the brief (though unfeigned) reuinion of the “real” P55 to record a handful of songs… While we must acknowledge its existence, we must also unfortunately discount it as a “new album”, based on the simple fact that… it wasn’t.

    As Wikipedia puts it, so I don’t have to — “After the release of the [2007 hodge-podge] album, frontman Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell left the band, due to personality clashes with Burns over his drug and alcohol addictions. Heath Joyce was hired as a temporary replacement and did a handful of shows with the band. Donny ‘The DRP’ Polinske was brought in as Jason’s permanent replacement.” — The DRP? That sounds awfully fucking familiar to me… The DRP… The Donny Rock Palace? Ahah! Duhh. Oh BTW, I have my own pet name for him, it’s “The FAIL”.

    Wow, their vocalist really just … wait, it’s the music, too… it’s fucking terrible, though, not to be bested, the vocals are “incredibly” fucking terrible. Let me bring it down to real life for you. Imagine your very first time being tricked into pulling up the img we love to hate and hate to love — GOATSE — bring back that feeling of inner recoil, that feeling of “this is not right, this is so wrong, what have I done? what have I been tricked into doing?!”

    If you were able to revisit the nausea, that foul wretching as your innards tried desperately to expel themselves from your body… this was very much the same feeling.

    So, here we are… 10 years after (the) New Release, still trying to milk a dead cow. Interesting how it’s also under your label, naturally. Since it’s your band and your music. Well… partially released under your label, after all… we’re not going to try and pretend we have the funds or the means to manufacture and distribute an album again, right? That’s what the big boys are for, so you don’t have to employ ( third-party assistance in pressing or burning copies of the damned discs..?! I do admit, great discretion in choosing the highest quality service money (which somehow escaped the ultimate fate of your bloodstream) can buy.

    4) I don’t care if Bobby Burns was critical to what the band did put out, the offensive noise that I feel closely fits the definition of “pornography” that was to follow nullified any credibility and respect. What’s my problem with “the band”, “the man” himself… “Bobby Burns” aka “Primer 55″? That. His ego and delusions of grandeur that he “is” everything he touches… and anything good that results during his presence is attributed to him and his boundless creativity and unparalleled management of finances…

    Am I a hater? Depends. I loved Primer 55. The REAL P55, introduction to mayhem and moreso (the) New Release had some fantastic tracks that I would never have expected from the modest, “playing to the scene” group that wrote the former album. Tracks like “No Sleep” and “My Girl” are still in regular rotation in my playlists to this day. So do I hate P55? The original band, putting stuff out around the turn of the century? Absolutely not. Do I feel great terror arising within me upon hearing of the coming of yet another quite likely… I hate to prejudge but damnit… I am scared that I may accidentally hear this “new album”. The thought of it alone actually freezes me in the throes of the purest horror.

    Oh yeah, and no need for me to euphemise it as I leave you with “The Big Fuck You” — you’ve earned it. Ground yourself, dude. Your head has been in the clouds for far too long, be it from drugs or your own self-importance. It had to have been taxing to keep such a swollen, heavy head up there for so long. Does your neck ache? Can you feel your neck? Can you feel your body? Nevermind… float away…. oblivion awaits… (past the hoards of punishing reviews that surely loom just over the horizon). You’ll get there. Soon enough…

    • Bulletshock

      Wow, and I thought I was pissed off about the direction the band had been taking. Well done. You tell em’ metaldetected.

    • SiX50SiD

      current is “current” and metal is always detected…. good job

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