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Korn Release Series Of Viral Videos For New Album, Reveal More “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Performance Details

Korn have launched a series of viral clips in support of their forthcoming new album “Korn III – Remember Who You Are“, you can find them below. The group will release their new album Roadrunner on July 13th. In other news, Korn are set to be the musical guest on tonight’s (July 01st) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“.

The group will be performing their current single “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” and their new album track “Let The Guilt Go” on the air, while “Freak On A Leash“, “Coming Undone“, “Got The Life” and “Blind” will also be played for those in attendance.


  • mongolianchopsquad

    This is awfully similar to the promotion of Seotaiji, a Korean singer/artist.

    The ironic thing is, Seotaiji was trashed by rock fans in Korea for ripping off the musical style of KoRn.
    It’s pretty funny to see it happen the opposite way.

    The reason I see this as a poor rip-off is because the new KoRn album’s lyrical theme has absolutely nothing to do with UFOs or crop circles.

    This is painfully funny, because I was actually looking forward to this new album.

  • rbsuitcase

    commercial break:
    has your musical creativity gone out of style?
    Have you forgotten who you are?
    Are your viral videos not relevent to your album theme?

    Then you might be suffering from underarock syndrome.

  • Konger

    mongolianchopsquad – how do you know seotaiji? i thought the exact same thing when i saw this promotion. I’m a huge fan of Seotaiji’s – he’s like a hidden gem in the East. Everything from the crop circles to UFOs to the Blair Witch Project-like video. It’s almost identical to Seotaiji’s 8th album promotion.

    If you ask me, think it’s too similar for it all to be a “coincidence” but you judget for yourselves.

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