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Slayer Perform On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Footage Available Online

Slayer were the musical guests on last nights (May 20th) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“. Footage of the groups performance can be found below:

Hate Worldwide“:

World Painted Blood“:

Meanwhile fan-filmed footage of other unaired songs from the bands performance for the show can be found below:

War Ensemble“:

Blood Red“:

Spirit In Black“:


  • julian22

    weird not seeing tom head bang. haha

  • julian22

    actually, he does a bit at the beginning of war ensemble.

    anyways, the new shit sounds great live.
    impressed with how tight sounding these guys are. i don’t think they are aging.

  • rasputinmetalguy

    I think Jimmy Kimmel has huge balls for booking metal bands. He had KsE and Every Time I Die a few years back, and now Slayer, with Deftones coming up. He should just book nothing but metal bands.

  • robichaud1

    Here’s to Jimmy for backing Slayer, man. Awesome. “Man himself has become God and laughs at his destruction!” Fuckin’ heavy, genuinely nasty shit. Gotta love Slayer. Can’t wait for Heavy MTL!!!!!!! NO SANCTUARY!!!!!!!!

  • will

    three cheers for the mighty SLAYER!!!

  • dcthestar

    I know this is mostly a metal site and I have been coming here since it was called pimp rock palace and I also know I will get flamed for this but every time I see a huge circle pit I feel embarrassed for the human race and can only shake my head and dismiss us as retarded monkeys.

  • ottoriff

    Slayer on national television… maybe there is something right in the world!

  • Thembones

    I wanted to strangle the guy singing over each song.

  • robichaud1

    @dcthestar – In defense of the race of retarded monkeys, we do far worse and idiotic things than circle pit. For example: destroying the earth, destroying one another, and worst of all – Justin Bieber.

  • Viking

    I love Tom’s grin during the first verse of WPB when he realizes he just screwed up the lyrics. He’s mentioned before how tough it can be to chant along that fast and nail all the words, so I give him major props for not taking himself too seriously. Great performance. And yeah, that singing douche in the background was a pain in the ass.