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Queens Of The Stone Age Are Set To Be The First Band To Perform Live In The Catacombs Of Paris


Queens Of The Stone Age are set to be the first band to officially perform live in the Catacombs of Paris. The band’s linchpin, vocalist/guitarist Josh Homme, announced the news during a recent press conference held for the annual ‘Hellfest Open Air‘ festival. During that conference, he stated:

“In a week’s time or so, we’re gonna play in the Paris Catacombs, and we’ll be the first band to do so. And I’ve been working on it for 18 years, trying to get myself inside of this exalted place in Paris. And it’s completely live.”

That performance will be recorded for future release, as Homme relayed:

“I’d like to take some of these ideas, which are sort of ubiquitous, like a live record, and do something a little different with them. Because I think with the way the Internet is, people can see us play live so simply, on so many different ways, that I’d like to do something live that cannot be seen in a way that is not often done.

And we release those versions. And let the fans control the rest. The fans can control the rest of how to see us live. Come see us play, watch it online. I don’t care how a baby takes his medicine — blown up the ass or down the throat. However you find our music and however you wanna find it is fine for me, but I would like to try to do some of these ideas in a different way. So, that’s why I mentioned the Catacombs.”


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