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Guitarist Zack Hansen (The Word Alive) Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations In New Statement


The Word Alive guitarist Zack Hansen has issued a new statement regarding the allegations of domestic abuse that were leveled against him last month by an ex-girlfriend. Video footage of Hansen allegedly being verbally abusive and seemingly spitting on his ex were circulated online, along with written allegations, leading to Hansen ‘stepping away’ from the band.

Hansen‘s original statement on his time away from the group did not mention the nature of his absence, with the band later being criticized for seemingly glazing over the matter once the allegations made the rounds. Hansen‘s original May 30th statement on the matter read:

Zack Hansen:

“As of today — with respect to my family, friends and fans I will be stepping away from The Word Alive to handle some personal issues and to take the time necessary to focus on myself. I know in the long run this is what’s best for me and TWA. I ask for your patience, understanding and privacy at this time. Thank you for all of the support.”

The Word Alive followed-up on May 31st with the following statement:

“To The Word Alive family:

As soon as we were made aware of the situation directed towards our guitarist, Zack, we immediately asked him to step away from the band. We do not condone any domestic abuse whatsoever.


Taking to social media this morning (June 11th), Hansen has issued a new statement, denying the allegations made against him, while lobbing his own allegations of abuse against his ex. Hansen‘s statement reads as follows:

“I know I have been slow to respond to the false and defamatory abuse allegations leveled against me by my ex-girlfriend and her friends, but I had to wait until I had all the documentation needed to prove I am innocent of these offensive allegations.

Let me be clear, I have NEVER abused anyone, especially a woman, and I never would. Any girl I ever dated or was in a relationship with can confirm this.

My ex-girlfriend and I had a three-year relationship that got progressively more volatile to the point where I needed to disconnect with her and move on.

Unfortunately, when I tried to leave, she became aggressive. She posted three 30 second videos but maliciously chose to exclude her actions that led up to what you saw in those videos. I was pushed against the wall, punched, choked and yes, spit on. I kept my hands to my side and out of frustration, spit back at her hoping to stop the abuse…

On another occasion, she wouldn’t let me leave and kept blocking me from the door. Out of frustration, I pulled the shades from the window trying to go out through the window to get away from her. If there is any abuse in this relationship, it was her doing the abusing, not me.

I know this is all just words, but I have texts and videos, as does my ex-girlfriend, that will back up every word. Since she and her friends decided to post these fictitious allegations, I have been asked to step away from the band that I started and cherish, lost other gigs and have received all kinds of verbal abuse online including death threats and most certainly, my reputation ruined.

I am keenly aware that it takes two to create a volatile relationship and I will be seeking professional help so I may understand my role to become a better person and partner.

I look forward to clearing my name and holding those responsible for this false attack on who I am and what I have always stood for accountable. I will be taking action to stop the defamation campaign being waged against me, and I will pursue everyone involved, including my ex and her friends who are spreading lies. I detest abuse of any kind and most certainly abuse of women in any form, as should we all.”

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