Chelsea WolfeEbru Yildiz

Hear Boy Harsher’s Radical Reinvention Of Chelsea Wolfe’s “House Of Self-Undoing”


Dark wave duo Boy Harsher have issued a stunningly different remix of Chelsea Wolfe‘s “House Of Self-Undoing“. The studio version of the latter track appeared on Wolfe‘s latest album, “She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She“, which saw a release this past February. Wolfe commented on this substantial rework:

“I love how Boy Harsher totally transformed this song into something new. It’s really fun to hear my voice in this context – I so appreciate Jae and Gus bringing their energy to the House of Self-Undoing.”

Boy Harsher‘s August Muller added:

“I love remixes because they have a mind of their own. I typically remove everything and follow the vocals. Chelsea’s voice is so beautiful and vulnerable on this track and I was just trying to make room for it. I was getting a bit of a R&B vibe and tried to lean into that.”

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