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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Calls Scowl & SPEED ‘Communist Poseurs’


Falling In Reverse‘s vocalist Ronnie Radke has publicly called out Scowl and SPEED and over the pair’s recent decision to back out of this year’s ‘Download Festival‘. If you missed the news, this week saw numerous bands drop off the bill for the annual festival, citing concerns over one of the event’s primary sponsors, Barclays.

As Scowl put it in their June 10th statement:

“We will not be playing Download Fest this year due to Barclays Bank sponsorship of the event and Barclays connection to Israel and the genocide Israel is committing in Palestine.

Free Palestine!”

Scowl followed Pest Control in their decision to exit the festival, with both acts taking issue with Barclays bank providing financial services to companies in the U.S., UK and Europe that supply defense products to NATO and their allies.

In addition to Scowl & Pest Control, several other artists have since pulled out of the festival as part of the same protest, including SPEED, Zulu, Ithaca and more. Several of those artists have since taken to lining up a benefit show for Palestinian aid for later this week in place of the festival.

Radke took to social media today, June 11th, to call out Scowl for their alleged hypocrisy. Radke cited Scowl‘s 2023 associations with Taco Bell as a strike against the band’s credibility, citing Taco Bell‘s parent company Yum Brands‘ documented business dealings with Israel.

Radke railed against Scowl in both text and video, stating the following in the video featured this post:

Hey, what’s up? Remember that video I made about how I’m leaving the scene because a bunch of you guys, you bands, are incels, and everybody kind of sucks in metalcore and like hardcore and all that stuff, and all the pronouns for Palestine and stuff, yeah? Well, this just reassures me. I want to show you guys why:

[Radke quotes Scowl‘s aforementioned statement:]

‘Free Palestine. We will not be playing Download Fest this year due to Barclays Bank sponsorship, sponsorship. Remember — remember I said sponsorship — of the event and Barclays connection to Israel and the genocide of Israel, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right?’

Damn dude, you guys are so ‘punk’ and like, real people, right? Yeah, real people.

Meanwhile, you’re doing Taco Bell commercials for the Super Bowl. This is why I hate your scene, because you’re a bunch of posers, dude. Fuck you, dude, Fuck you. You’re not real. You’re fucking posers. You fucking, oh my god, you boot licking shills, dude. Here’s another one.

[Radke quotes SPEED‘s post on X]:

‘We will no longer be playing Download Festival Friday, June 14, due to the recent news of Barclays sponsorship….’

Cool, man. But check out these, these Nikes that I, that, I, that I, yeah…. Communism, man. Punk Rock. Communism. But here, let me sell you guys some Nikes that we collabed with, and let’s do Taco Bells commercials, man. You guys are all fucking loser posers, and you’re not real punk, dude. And you get fucking checked at a show dude, if I ever saw that shit. Fuck you guys. Even my bird agrees with me. Fuck you.”

Radke captioned the aforementioned video post as follows:

“Fuck @Scowl40831 fuck all you fucking communist posers. You aren’t real. it’s all fabricated.”

Radke was referencing this SPEED & Nike collab, and presumably calling out the band for associating with the brand, whose shareholders have had relationships with defense contractors. He could of course just also be calling out the group for partaking in capitalism though. As of press time, neither Speed or Scowl appear to have responded to Radke.

In a follow-up post, Radke further went after Scowl, stating the following:

Ronnie Radke's Scowl Post

In other news, Radke also released a ‘Pander Express’ shirt earlier today, “in honor of pride month,” with the shirt apparently quickly selling out. You can see him discuss that here.

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