Taproot's Stephen Richards & Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst

Following Their Infamous Late 90s Beef, Taproot’s Stephen Richards Caught Limp Bizkit’s ‘Sonic Temple’ Set From The Side Stage (Updated)


Both Taproot and Limp Bizkit were among the performers booked for yesterday’s (May 19th) ‘Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival‘ in Columbus, OH. Outside of the already reported extracurricular Slipknot activities, Limp Bizkit‘s set also featured two key players in one of nĂ¼-metal’s most infamous beefs in close proximity.

You may recall that early on in their career, Taproot caught the ear of Limp Bizkit‘s then infamous frontman Fred Durst. Liking what he had heard, Durst began courting the band, lining up a label deal for them with the Flip/Interscope family. Limp Bizkit themselves were signed to that label at the time, and as Durst‘s profile grew, so too did his sway with the aforementioned imprint (Staind and Cold were among some of his notable signings.)

As Taproot drummer Jarrod Montague explained in his 2017 book ‘True Rockstars: 12 Guiding Principles For Success And Happiness, this courting process had played out for awhile, culminating around the time Limp Bizkit were gearing up to release 7x multi-platinum sophomore album “Significant Other“.

While Durst remained true to his word on putting Taproot over on MTV and generating some label buzz about their potential signing, ultimately, it was the terms of the production deal he offered Taproot that severed their relationship.

Essentially, Taproot were invited to record several songs to earn a potential spot on the Flip roster. Naturally, Taproot would want to put their best foot forward and record their tracks with the most potential. However, as Montague stated in his aforementioned book, the terms of the deal meant that even if Flip rejected the band, they would retain ownership of the songs recorded.

Taproot would pivot and align with Atlantic Records under their management at the time, Velvet Hammer. That decision incensed Durst, who would leave this eventually leaked expletive-filled message on the answering machine of Taproot vocalist Stephen Richards.

In it, Durst admonished Richards and the band for not signing with them, threatened the future of their career, and warned them against ever showing their faces at a Limp Bizkit show.

Somewhat ironically, as Limp Bizkit‘s fortunes began to sour in the early 2000s, the aforementioned answering machine message worked in Taproot‘s favor, as radio stations began playing more Taproot to thumb their nose at Durst.

With that backstory out of the way, that leads us to yesterday at the Historic Crew Stadium. Richards, who has playfully revisited the feud with Durst over the years, decided to catch Limp Bizkit‘s set from the side stage.

Judging by the below image shared by Richards himself, it seems as though Durst appears to have recognized his past bitter enemy during the set. As Richards explained it, the hatchet appears to have long been buried, with Richards stating in his post:

“@freddurst grabbed a random chick’s hand in front of me side stage, I took a pic loving it.. didn’t think, but close up looks like he saw me staring @ phone?! No clue lol, I was hoping for a hug or invite out for “Stuck” haha, but they (@limpbizkit) slay everytime & there’s never been an issue folks, he was rightfully pissed 1 day 🤘❤️ #limpbizkit #taproot #scissrs #sonictemplefestival2024″

Update: May 22nd, 2024 09:26am:

A follow-up comment was issued by Richards after this story was posted:

“Umm, SORRY @freddurst , its literally not why I posted my last one…I guarantee he just saw a phone camera while passing (the glare is there tho 🤔 haha).. No BEEF (I was vegetarian back then), & he only helped us.. he was mad on a tape (voicemail back then kids) 1 day, he’s still whoopin our ass on relevance & yours on stage & I’ve not once said a bad thing! #disturbed (band) on the other hand 🙄..I was stoked to watch them w/ our old guitar tech Cadaver 🤘❤️ although, thank you @wookubus @theprpmetalnews #taproot #scissrs & #limpbizkit”

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