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Bad Wolves Accuse Tommy Vext Of Violating Disparagement Clause Of Their Settlement Agreement, Police Report On Vext’s Recent Arrest Surfaces Online


Bad Wolves have apparently served legal notice to their ex-vocalist Tommy Vext. The latter musician posted the below image citing an alleged breach of the settlement agreement the two parties signed to resolve a pair of dueling lawsuits back in 2021. That legal resolution temporarily ended a bitter split between the two parties that has since flared up over the years.

The settlement stipulated that the two parties would refrain from disparaging, criticizing, etc. each other in a public fashion. According to the document posted by Vext, attorneys representing the band claim that Vext has since violated the terms of the agreement. Word of this legal action being taken follows the latest row between Vext and the band.

Earlier this week, Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle publicly criticized Vext for his continued unflattering commentary of the band, sharing this list of various screencaps and social media posts made by Vext..

Tensions spilled over just prior to that after Coyle shared a recent story on social media regarding Vext‘s arrest this past weekend in relation to a domestic incident involving his girlfriend and her family. In this video statement addressing the arrest shared by Vext and his significant other, Vext would go on to criticize Coyle for sharing the arrest story, at one point claiming, “They’re [Bad Wolves] desperately trying to save their careers by defaming me.”

In that video statement, Vext also claimed to have witnessed his girlfriend suffering physical abuse at the hands of her father during a FaceTime call. Vext was arrested and briefly held in custody for ‘threatening or intimidating / physical injury or property damage’ upon arriving at the police station in Payson, AZ.

Those alleged threats were said to have been uttered over the phone to his girlfriend’s brother. In Vext‘s video statement, he alleged that members of his girlfriend’s family were covering for the father.

What appears to be the official police report has now surfaced online on the incident however, and the findings it it conflict with several aspects of Vext‘s side of the incident. MetalSucks have since reposted that report.

As for this latest legal development, in a post made yesterday, May 16th, Vext shared the notice of his alleged breach of the settlement agreement and provided the following caption:

“Despite the fact that posting my mugshot for attention has grossly backfired in the court of public opinion or the fact that person X has forced my girlfriend to publicly disclose her personal and traumatizing assault by her abuser on top of the dozens and dozens of fans person X sent defamatory messages about me, rather then go on a public forum and burying the bullshit he started they chose to send me a threatening letter via a lawyer.

This is the final straw folks.
I’m drawling the line either you block them or block me. You can’t morally stand for this kind of back door abuse and intimidation after all the drama you caused my family especially in an already horrifically emotional time.

#badwolves #tommyvext”

Per the excerpt of that notice of settlement breach shared online by Vext, he is said to have violated the agreed upon disparagement clause, which stated:

Vext shall in no way, orally, in writing or otherwise, make any statement or take any action that directly or indirectly criticizes, disparages, calls into disrepute, defames, slanders, or in any manner reflects negatively on the Kovac Parties, the Bad Wolves Parties, Konkiel, Coyle, Cain, and/or any other members of Bad Wolves, their business interests, reputation, or goodwill, their spouses, family members, or any entities they are affiliated with.

It further provides that:

Vext shall not post or repost on social media any link, picture, video, statement, remark, and/or hashtag that criticizes, disparages, calls into disrepute, defames, slanders, or in any manner reflects negatively on the Kovac Parties, the Bad Wolves, Konkiel, Coyle, Cain, and/or any other members of Bad Wolves,’


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A subsequent video post made by Vext after sharing the document above finds him promoting his ‘Bring Back Tommy’ shirt, stating:

“Guys, whatever you’re doing don’t go buy this shirt right now. Don’t buy it. I just got a letter from Bad Wolves saying they’re gonna sue me because of this shirt. So I have to take it down. But I can’t find my merch guy to take it down off my site. So don’t go to right now and buy this shirt. Because you’re not allowed to have this shirt, do you understand me? Do not buy it. Do not go there and buy it.

Because I will get sued, I’m getting threatened to be sued for having this t-shirt, because it hurt someone’s feelings. Even though, these people went onstage and told my fans to suck their dick and to go fuck themselves, but this t-shirt is danger. It’s dangerous, so don’t buy this shirt. Definitely don’t wear it to music festivals that my former band is playing. Don’t do that. Don’t do that Definitely do not do that. I am not telling you to do that…”

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