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Code Orange’s Reba Meyers Seeking The Return Of Gear Stolen During Car Break-In


Code Orange guitarist/vocalist Reba Meyers is seeking the return of various gear stolen from her car in the Columbus, OH area this morning, May 16th. A post via her social media details the list of items stolen in the theft, along with pictures of the items in question. Here’s what she had to say:

“I hate posting this- but this gear was stolen from my vehicle at 530am today, and honestly some of this stuff is very sentimental to me, and part of how I do my job and passion.

If anyone in Columbus or surrounding area sees any of this stuff around please email me at [email protected]
Love y’all <3”

She provided the following list of stolen items:

  • RJM Mastermind PBC10
  • Moof MF Ring
  • Bananana Mandala
  • AMT Electronics Wah
  • UAD Astra
  • Boss Harmonist PS-6
  • ISP Decimtor
  • Ibanez tubescreamer
  • Pedaltrain classic pedalboard
  • Strymon Zuma 9
  • Pelican 1595 case with a bunch of stickers on it


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