Korn & Adidas

Korn & Adidas Reveal The Second Wave Of Their Merch Collaboration


The first drop of Korn‘s limited edition collaboration with Adidas Originals last year proved to be a hot item. However, the general lack of availability also didn’t sit well with many fans, who were unable to get their hands on the merch. Greedy resellers didn’t help matters either.

The second wave of this pairing between the nü-metal icons and the ubiquitous sportswear company will officially launch on May 15th through and select Adidas stores. You can however signup through the official Adidas app and Adidas Confirmed for early access.

A preview of the new offerings has been shared via the below photo gallery. The official pairing between the band and the brand last year was a full circle moment, capitalizing on a lost opportunity dating back to the 90s.

Korn‘s love of the three stripes helped introduce tracksuits to hordes of nü-metal fans in the mid to late 1990s. However, Adidas passed on offering the band an official sponsorship deal at the time, instead limiting their focus to sports and athletes. Keenly aware of how much business they were bringing Adidas, Korn would go on to sign a $500,000 sponsorship with Adidas rivals Puma, abandoning Adidas products for years to come.

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