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Korn & Adidas Merch Line To Be Released This Month


Back in the mid 90s Korn exploded out of Bakersfield, CA, ushering in the nü-metal movement. The group were often adorned in Adidas tracksuits (including vocalist Jonathan Davis‘s trademark sequin purple tracksuit) and other associated garb, leading to many fans adopting the same look. While Korn most certainly had a positive impact on the sporting brand’s profits, Adidas‘ focus at the time remained locked on sports.

Thus, Korn would eventually accept an $500,000 sponsorship deal from rival sportswear company Puma to wear their garments exclusively. It was a missed opportunity for Adidas, who Korn had already further boosted the profile of with “A.D.I.D.A.S.“, the second single off of their 2x multi-platinum 1996 sophomore album, “Life Is Peachy“.

Roughly 30 years later, it’s a situation that Adidas are finally out to correct with the impending October 27th launch of their official collaboration with the group. An advance look at what’s set to be offered, and some behind the scenes info from the band on what the collab means to them, can be seen below.

You can also see some of the products, which include t-shirts, hoodies, a tracksuit and shoes, over at this location.

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