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Thy Will Be Done Return With New Single “Prelude To Apostasy”


Thy Will Be Done‘s first new single since 2020’s “Last Ghost To Kill” is now available to stream. That song is titled “Prelude To Apostasy“. Chariot Of Black Moth (Napalm Death, Steve Von Till) helmed the video for track, with the band’s vocalist J. Costa stating:

“It really casts a light on the intricate dance of cognitive dissonance within societies, illuminating the nuanced interplay of conflicting ideologies and beliefs. To alleviate the discomfort caused by inconsistency in one’s thoughts and emotions, some people mentally compartmentalize their feelings, allowing them to continue about their lives while avoiding thoughts or images related to violence and suffering. Or, perhaps some are just desensitized.”

“With meticulous attention to detail, Jakub (Chariot of Black Moth) weaves together a tapestry of selected imagery that challenges our perception and leaves us questioning the very fabric of reality. Each cut, each sequence, is designed to elicit a visceral response and ignite the imagination.”

“Through subtle nods to Kuleshov and Eisenstein, Jakub pays homage to their legacy while pushing the envelope of visual storytelling into uncharted territory.”

Earlier this year the group re-released their entire back catalogue, complete with a remastering job done by George Richter, to leading digital service providers, .

[via Metal Injection]

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