Slipknot Teases

Slipknot Appear To Have Unintentionally Revealed The Identities Of Their Two Latest Members


The mystery of Slipknot‘s latest lineup addition appears to have been solved before the group had a chance to even hit the stage. It seems a slip-up in the asset names on the recently utilized teaser site for the band,, has spilled far more details than intended.

Lately that site has served as a promotional asset for the masked metal band’s 25th anniversary of their 2x multi-platinum 1999 self-titled album. A throwback website design mimicking elements of early websites from the group has recently found a home on that domain, albeit with a few modern elements added in.

However, fresh teases tucked away on that site appear to have not only confirmed the identity of the band’s latest drummer, but also served up a potential clue into the identity of the individual who replaced sampler/keyboardist, etc. Craig “133” Jones last year.

Per Reddit, each of the individuals featured in a teaser video hidden away on the site has images named after all members of the group. In addition to the already established members of the outfit, images referencing ‘Eloy‘ and ‘Jeff‘ are also featured.

While Eloy is thought to confirm the widely rumored addition of ex-Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande to the outfit, the mention of Jeff has set fans of the band down an ‘rabbit’ hole of its own. The current leading theory (among Slipknot Redditors at least) is that Jones‘ replacement may actually be Jeff Karnowski, who played bass alongside Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan in the band Dirty Little Rabbits.

Another alumni of Dirty Little Rabbits, Michael Pfaff, went on to replace Chris Fehn in Slipknot back in 2019, remaining onboard to this day as ‘Tortilla Man‘. While there’s no cfirm evidence yet as to the identity of ‘Jeff‘, the mention of Eloy seems to all but confirm his new role as the group’s latest drummer.

Of course, there’s also the chance that this could also be a very clever bit of misdirection. But given past slip-ups by the Slipknot camp in concealing the identity of their latest recruits, that seems somewhat unlikely.

Earlier this month showed up on a cryptic Slipknot billboard that popped up near this month’s ‘Coachella Festival‘ in Indio, CA. If not before, the weekend should bring about some more info, as the multi-platinum Iowan band are scheduled to play their first show since firing drummer Jay Weinberg last November.

For that return, they’ll be taking the stage at this year’s ‘Sick New World‘ festival in Las Vegas, NV this Saturday, April 27th.

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