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Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Releases New Song Featuring His Late Father In Response To Alleged Blackmail Attempt


Noah Weiland, son of late Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver vocalist Scott Weiland, has released a new single featuring previously unreleased vocals from his dad. This track started out as an unreleased demo his father was working on and had been in Noah‘s pocket for some time.

Unfortunately though, according to Noah, an unknown individual got ahold of the demo and had been attempting to blackmail Noah, threatening to leak the song online unless Noah coughed up $2,000. Instead of meeting the individual’s demands, Noah opted to quickly finish the song himself, releasing it as “Time Will Tell“.

Speaking of that on Instagram overnight, Noah commented:

“can’t believe i’m saying this right now but basically i been getting blackmailed by a random number that somehow has a very old version of a song i have with my father.

and because of that i am basically forced to release a song i had no intentions of releasing until way further into my career cause this coward rly thinks i’m about to send them $2k to not leak it. sooo, i beat em to the punch.. funny enough, i saw ‘TIME WILL TELL’ written on a bathroom wall the day i got that txt, maybe my dad thought it was time?

after years of struggling with addiction, homelessness, ppl hiding my dads $, liars, backstabbers, growing up too fast, losing my bro Gio, old friends turned foes, i been through a lot but the person i was years ago is FAR from who i am now.”

In the below gallery, Noah shared screencaps of the alleged threats he received from the would-be blackmailer regarding the track. In a separate interview with Rolling Stone, Noah revealed that he had been keeping a “super unfinished demo” of this song, which apparently got out.

Noah suspects that one of his “old best friends” is the culprit behind the extortion scheme, with the relationship having turned sour due to said friend apparently being “super jealous” of Noah. Elsewhere, Noah vented to the aforementioned publication on the status of his father’s music, offering:

“Due to the fact that nobody who ‘represents’ my dad actually cares to give the fans new unheard music, let alone keep his name alive in the first place, my friend Spencer Carr Reed and I decided to turn it into a more modern sounding song as if he was still alive and just decided to hop on one of my songs. That was the concept behind it.”

Noah first gained some buzz as a member of Suspect208, an outfit that united him with the sons of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. That group would fire Noah in late 2020/early 2021, at the time citing his alleged “dark path of drug use” as the reason for removing him from the fold.

Since then Noah has evolved into pursuing an hyper pop/alternative rock career under his own name.

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