Chino Moreno Of Deftones

Chino Moreno Reveals Deftones Have Nearly Completed Recording Their New Album


Appearing on KROQ ahead of their set today (April 12th) at this year’s ‘Coachella‘ festival, Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno revealed that the alternative metal favorites have completed tracking the bulk of their tenth studio album. When pressed for what the band have been up to lately, Moreno stated that the entire album has been tracked instrumentally and is now just awaiting his vocals.

Here’s what he said of their progress [transcribed by]:

“We haven’t really talked much about it. We’ve just sort of been working on and off over the last year and a half. Like, from when we first started writing, to basically where we’re sitting right now, is we have a whole record recorded, all musically. And it’s pretty much my job right now to finish up the vocals.

I have, obviously, this show again [‘Coachella‘] next week. And then straight after that I go back home again to Oregon, and I go up in the studio.

So then as long as that takes… I hate to like put a definite timeframe [on it.] ‘Cause you know, we’re not really in a rush. We want it to be great — I think that’s most important. But it is coming. Yeah, it’s really good. We’re really excited with what we’ve been working on. Everybody’s jazzed.”

When asked if there were any firsts on this new opus, Moreno commented:

“I feel like overall, its just an invigorated kind of sound. We went in, and everybody, it’s kind of [like] what I was saying earlier, after all these years you go in… We hadn’t written a record since like pre-COVID I think when we were last in the studio.

So it’d been a while since we had actually…. We’d been playing shows, but we really hadn’t gotten into that start being creative [process.] The creative part to me is always kind of the funnest part. Performing’s great, but coming up with something out of nothing, that feeling can not be topped.”

In other news, the band’s first-ever ‘Coachella‘ performance went down tonight. It saw the group unearth two rarities: the first performance of “Combat” from “Saturday Night Wrist” since 2011, and a partial playthrough of their cover of The Smiths‘ “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want“. The entire performance was livestreamed across the internet for free via YouTube.

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