Trivium's Matt Heafy Comic

Trivium’s Matt Heafy Pens Score For Upcoming ‘True Believers’ Comic Book Series


Trivium, etc. vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy has penned a score for the horror cosplay comic book series ‘True Believers‘. Not to be confused with a past Marvel series of the same name, this series was co-written by Stephen Graham Jones and Joshua Viola.

A press release on the matter detailing Heafy‘s involvement can be found below:

‘Prepare for an unparalleled musical journey as Matthew Kiichi Heafy, lead vocalist and guitarist of the Grammy-nominated band Trivium, crafts an original score for True Believers. Boasting 30 minutes of original music, the compositions skillfully weave Heafy’s heavy metal roots with a bold departure into the realm of John Carpenter-esque synths. The album’s centerpiece, ‘Too Far Gone,’ showcases Heafy’s signature screams and guitar virtuosity. With a nod to horror cinema, this groundbreaking score offers a unique take on the world of True Believers, solidifying Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s status as a musical pioneer transcending traditional boundaries.

Experience the haunting beauty of the original score in three distinct formats: digitally, as a blood-red saw-blade-shaped vinyl, and a nostalgic cassette tape. This musical journey transcends mediums, offering listeners a multi-sensory experience unlike any other. Whether you prefer the convenience of digital playback or the tactile nostalgia of vinyl and cassette, this release promises to immerse you in Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s mesmerizing sounds and evoke emotions from the comic that will linger long after the music fades.’

A Kickstarter campaign was launched to make this project a reality. Heafy briefly commented:

“Ever heard a soundtrack to an incredible slasher comic/ graphic novel?! Having grown up on comics and graphic novels, when I first was introduced to True Believers and Josh Viola, I was inspired by the crazy idea of scoring the incredible series.”

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