Rape Accuser Claims Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane Allegedly Seeking To “Flee” The U.S. (Updated)


Former Anti-Flag vocalist/guitarist Justin Sane (aka Justin Geever) is facing allegations of planning to flee the United States, according to one of the women who accused him of sexual assault last year. Kristina Sarhadi claims she has been attempting to serve Sane with a civil sexual assault lawsuit over the past incident since last fall.

That suit, which was filed on November 22nd of last year, was done so under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which temporarily waived the standard statute of limitations of alleged victims of sexual assault to come forward. The suit also named the band’s distribution company, Hardwork Distribution, as one of the defendants, claiming negligence on their behalf.

Anti-Flag broke up soon after Sarhadi‘s original anonymous allegation of sexual assault was made against Sane in the summer of 2023. Both the band’s final lineup and Sane would go on to issue conflicting statements. 3/4th of the group’s final lineup (Chris Head, Chris Barker & Pat Thetic) condemned Sane for his actions. Sane however publicly denied the allegations made against him.

However, several months after Sarhadi made her accusation against Sane, 12 women came forward with further disturbing allegations of their own against Sane, with the alleged incidents dating all the way back to the 1990s. Alleged instances of sexual assault, grooming, statutory rape and more were detailed as part of that wave.

A report outlining those allegations filed by Rolling Stone found Anti-Flag once again condemning the actions of Sane. In that statement, the band in part offered:

“To Justin, we believe you are very sick and in need of serious professional help. We want to have compassion and have faith in restorative justice, but fuck you for hurting so many people, not just the ones who have bravely come forward, but anyone still carrying their pain internally. Fuck you for exploiting the work of the band and the many people associated with it for so long. As many predators do, it appears you used our beliefs as a cover for egregious activities that you clearly knew we would never condone.”

That statement also insinuated that the band were unaware of Sane‘s actions over the years, stating, “The three of us are still in shock and grieving, but mostly our hearts are broken for every victim.”

Now Rolling Stone report that Sarhadi has amended her complaint against Sane, stating that he has “purposefully and unlawfully attempted to avoid service” of the suit in question. Via a statement she gave in connection to her revised complaint, she claims that Sane has sold his Pittsburgh home and has “sought to hide his assets by transferring funds overseas to an Irish bank account.”

It is alleged by Sarhadi that Sane holds a dual citizenship in Ireland and is seeking to flee the country to avoid suit. Sarhadi also now alleges that some 60 women were victims of Sane. She further states attempts to negotiate a settlement over the suit with Sane‘s attorney fell through as Johnson went “silent”. It is alleged that the attorney did not come through on an alleged offer to serve his client with Sarhadi‘s suit.

Sarhadi is now seeking to have Sane‘s sister recognized as an authorized representative for him so that he can be served. According to Sarhadi, her suit against the aforementioned former members of the band has also hit a wall, claiming that that they have, “taken extreme steps to avoid responsibility” and “sought to coax my forgiveness through a Restorative Justice process.”

Sarhadi claims discussions with that trio were abandoned by the band early this year. In a statement obtained by Rolling Stone, she further alleged:

“To date, no member of Anti-Flag has owned up to their actions or apologized for failing their duty to reasonably protect their fans and community.

Instead, they have spent substantial funds in hiring the Head of the New York City office of Buchanan Ingersol and Rooney and former criminal defense attorney, Stuart Slotnick, to fight my claims. The band would rather hire a Big Law attorney than accept responsibility for what has happened to me and countless other survivors.”

You can find more on the latest happenings in the case via Rolling Stone.

Update: March 20th, 2024 04:33pm:

The full statement issued by Sarhadi reads as follows:

“On March 14th, the offices of McAllister Olivarius and KBM Law filed an Amended Complaint in my lawsuit against Justin “Sane” Geever and his band Anti-Flag, known by their business entity, Hardwork Distribution Inc. Since I filed this case in November 2023, my determination to hold predators and enablers accountable has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, so has the number of survivors who continue to reach out to me with their own stories of sexual violence by Justin Geever.

Out of public view the four former members of Anti-Flag have taken extreme steps to avoid responsibility, evade the justice system and diminish the experiences of the countless women harmed both by their singer’s crimes and their own complicity.
This Amended Complaint provides even more detail about Geever’s decades of predation in plain sight, the culpability of his bandmates, who lived, worked, traveled and witnessed his behavior night after night for 35 years, and the ever-increasing
volume of complaints we continue to receive from around the world.

Since November, Geever has persistently tried to avoid service of this lawsuit. Instead, he has enlisted the help of his large and wealthy family and has plans to flee the country this week. Several sources have confirmed the recent sale of his house in
Pittsburgh and the wire transfer of his assets to a bank in Ireland, where he maintains dual citizenship. As savvy Redditers predicted last July, this “punk rock hero” has no intention of facing the music. He continues to evade the law and the growing
list of allegations against him by seeking a new life—and a potential new victim pool—in Europe. Although Geever is now 51 years old, his family members have rallied to assist his exit strategy and his sister Mary, a practicing lawyer, has been granted
Power of Attorney in his absence.

Geever’s former bandmates, Chris Barker, Chris Head and Pat Bollinger have remained silent, while isolating themselves from Geever by buying him out of Hardwork, I believe in hopes of diminishing their own liability. Despite Anti-Flag’s celebrated history of activism in support of women’s safety and their decades preaching “Silence is Violence,” we now know that the band was approached about Geever’s predatory behavior at least 25 years ago and did nothing to stop him. They chose their business prospects over the welfare of their fans. For decades, these men financially and socially benefited from Geever’s predation while pretending not to see it.

Had someone with power and opportunity stepped in to disrupt the constant, obvious flow of teenagers and young women into Geever’s orbit since the early 1990’s, they likely could have prevented the rape in 2010 that has stunted and scarred my life.
They could have protected me and so many others.

From the beginning I have sought for Chris, Chris and Pat to use this moment of reckoning as an opportunity for honest, productive conversation about what men in the music industry can do to identify and eradicate grooming and sexual violence. I
hoped they would see the potential for radical openness and education and join our movement.

Instead, they have spent substantial funds in hiring the Head of the New York City office of Buchanan Ingersol and Rooney and former criminal defense attorney, Stuart Slotnick, to fight my claims. The band would rather hire a Big Law attorney than accept
responsibility for what has happened to me and countless other survivors.

Acting through intermediaries, Anti-Flag sent me messages of support and offers to “make things right.” I waited for tangible acts. Instead, Anti-Flag sought to coax my forgiveness through a Restorative Justice process. As a social worker, I believe in the
ideals of Restorative Justice, but I know that it succeeds only when the offender admits causing harm and begins the conversation with an apology.

To date, no member of Anti-Flag has owned up to their actions or apologized for failing their duty to reasonably protect their fans and community.

In early 2024, these Restorative Justice conversations came to an end. As we have seen in many legal cases, Anti-Flag’s attempt to mollify me and my sister-survivors through Restorative Justice proved less altruistic than mercenary; they hoped to maneuver me into submission as they have done with at least one fellow survivor. They were wrong.

Recently, through a mutual friend, I was told that the band offered to transform leftover Anti-Flag shirts into shirts for my nonprofit, The Punk Rock Therapist. They suggested printing over and selling the new merchandise to help support our mission
of providing free therapy to survivors of sexual predators like Geever. Since we have provided over $65,000 worth of free therapy to survivors in our first six months alone, I thought this potential collaboration could help victims and send a powerful message about the impact of ultimately doing the right thing. But the offer now appears not to be real. While Anti-Flag presented themselves as punks and radical outliers from the mainstream, they have proven to be no different from other “rock stars” who continue to assault and abuse fans with impunity. I believe they plan to wait out my lawsuit and get back on stage as soon as the world forgets me.

As lead counsel for my case, renowned feminist lawyer Dr. Ann Olivarius observed, “The pattern in the music industry for decades was that rock stars could get away with almost anything if the money kept coming in. Executives, roadies, and other
musicians turned a blind eye.”

Another attorney on this case, Karen Barth Menzies, who spent her formative years in the LA punk scene, agrees that by taking this action—standing up against the wrongs, hypocrisy and greed of the establishment that Anti-Flag now represents—we embody the core tenets of punk culture. “Anti-Flag is the ultimate sell-out,” she writes, “Their sinister use of feminism to further their greed and allow the sexual assault of women is now obvious, especially from their reaction to this lawsuit. Even after all she’s been through, Kristina was willing to forgive and allow space for healing. In response, Anti-Flag continued their deceit and manipulation. Kristina’s courage and conviction to act against a powerful establishment has revealed the ugly truth about Anti-Flag and about this industry.”

Samantha Maloney, my friend, CEO and fellow Co-Founder of The Punk Rock Therapist, agrees. “If the rest of Anti-Flag want to do the right thing, they can do the most punk thing ever—sell their band’s property and investments and divert future income of merch, publishing, streaming rights and royalties directly to TPRT to fund therapy for the dozens of victims they have allowed to be harmed for over 30 years.”

Short of a tangible action like this, it is unlikely that Chris, Chris or Pat will be able to continue their music careers. Their failure to acknowledge any culpability precludes their being seen as the “heroes” and “Good Guys” they would like to be. Coming
forward with a creative offer of resolution, such as directly funding therapy for Geever’s victims, would be unprecedented in music history, and could help restore some sense of hope to those feeling betrayed by the silence around sexual violence.
My team files this Amended Complaint as part of our ongoing efforts to prevent Justin Geever from harming any more women or children, and to educate our communities that bystanders and enablers are dangerous too. Survivors like me, my clients
through The Punk Rock Therapist, our sister-survivors and allies in the punk scene and beyond will not stop seeking justice, no matter how far predators may run, and how many enablers help them hide.

The men on stage are not our heroes. Anyone can write a song about feminism. Anyone can signal virtue and make grand offers of solidarity and compassion. What matters is what they do when they step off stage, what goes on behind closed doors. I am privileged to live in New York, where the courage of survivors before me led to the opening of a lookback window through the Adult Survivors Act. And I am proud to continue to fight for survivor justice with my fearless friends Sam Maloney and Sarah
Levy in TPRT, and my brilliant attorneys Dr. Ann Olivarius, Dr. Jef McAllister and Karen Barth Menzies and their determined teams. These and other individuals who forged the path before us, who persist against powerful men, public intimidation and
personal fear—these are the heroes of this moment. We see you. We protect us.”

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