Max Cavalera Is Aiming To Have Soulfly Return To Their Earlier “Big-Groove Tribal Sound” With Album #13


The next album from Soulfly could harken back a bit closer to the band’s roots. Vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera revealed his current intentions for that album to Radioactive MikeZ in the below interview. Cavalera said of his vision for the record:

“When I lock in on a project, I get very obsessed with the project. I become so obsessed that everything I’m writing is for this and I know exactly what it needs, what kind of sound I’m looking for. And Soulfy, I’m kind of planning a little bit of a return to the early sound. The big-groove tribal sound will return to Soulfly. I think a lot of fans want that. I love that. I think it’s kind of like a trademark of Soulfly that kind of got lost in the shuffle through the years.

We went more into the thrashier side of stuff. But now I have [my side project] Go Ahead And Die that I can thrash all I want in it. I can have Soulfly be a little bit more what it was in the beginning — more about that, the whole tribal thing, which is really cool and unique. It’s a unique thing that Soulfly has. So we’re gonna probably go back more to that, which should be really cool.”

Tentative plans have that album arriving in 2025.


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