Hardcore Band Llorona Fire Vocalist Over Alleged Scheme Of Secretly Dosing Bandmate With Estrogen


A Nashville hardcore outfit by the name of Llorona recently told quite the tale regarding the firing of their vocalist Diego. The group explained the dismissal via a notes post shared in the stories of the band’s Instagram last week.

In it they accuse Diego of having secretly been dosing one of the bandmembers, Sixx, with estrogen, essentially forcing a several month transition onto him. According to the since-deleted post, Diego had allegedly been seeking to weaken Sixx in hopes of ultimately winning over Sixx‘s significant other.

The statement itself read as follows:

“We have decided to part ways with our vocalist Diego due to admission of very disturbing and concerning behavior towards one of our band members and their partner. He has admitted to being obsessed with said partner, and has been attempting to sabotage their relationship by cutting pre workout he frequently gifts from his job with high amounts of estrogen in them.

He has been attempting to force a transition onto him for the last 5 months, in hopes that would give him the opportunity to ‘swoop in’ once he looked stronger and more manly in comparison. (Stupid cave man mindset that makes zero sense) This tampering has caused confusion and thousands of dollars in medical bills the past months trying to figure out whats wrong.

We would not know any of this unless Diego had gotten way too intoxicated and ousted himself, and then stated an admission to all of this via text. There are many more disgusting details that have been left out for the sake of privacy and general censorship.”

“As for Diego’s response, it cannot be further from the truth on the supplement side of things. The only sealed products he would provide were proteins, but the other products were always unsealed because they were tossed at his job if they couldn’t sell it hence why it was free.

He also has easy access to steroids and hormones because of his gym practices. I am going to be seeing an endocrinologist over the next few months to track my hormonal fluctuations to see if my estrogen levels are extremely heightened and go back to normal over time. I have had physical changes from the hormones besides stomach ulcers, weight loss, and muscle fatigue that I will not get into, as well as notable mental changes.

I will also be getting the last batch of pre workout he gave me tested for estrogen, I have about 2-3 full cups of it left. He will not pass off what he admitted to as a joke or confusion even in his state of drunkenness. What he did is disgusting and has had an immense negative effect on my life.”

Screencaps of texts allegedly shared by Diego admitting to the scheme were published, including:

“I was really drunk and told sixx and his fiance that I was obsessed with her and had a deep hatred for sixx and gave sixx estrogen to get and edge up on him.”

Llorona Texts

Llorona Notes

Llorona Notes

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