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Tim Commerford On If Rage Against The Machine Have Broken Up: “I Don’t Know. I Don’t Get Involved In That”


Amid a newly published discussion about his current project and focus, 7D7D, Tim Commerford, best known for his role as the bassist in multi-platinum rap metal pioneers Rage Against The Machine, was asked about his thoughts on the latest apparent breakup of the recent Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame inductees.

After initially being pushed back due to COVID, Rage Against The Machine‘s highly anticipated 2022 reunion tour wound up being short-lived. That unplanned curtailment stemmed from vocalist Zack de la Rocha severely tearing his left Achilles tendon in an onstage mishap amid the start of the tour’s first leg.

Zack wasn’t the only one suffering though, as Commerford  found himself emotionally checked out, dealing with his then private prostate cancer battle. While the band would gut out the first leg of that run, they opted to cancel all further shows in light of Zack‘s injury. Still, some fans clung to the hope that the trek would eventually be back on once Zack had time to heal.

A post shared by drummer Brad Wilk in January of this year extinguished those hopes, with Wilk confirming the group’s latest reunion tour had effectively come to an end. He commented at the time:

“I know a lot of people are waiting for us to announce new tour dates for all the canceled RATM shows. I don’t want to string people or myself along any further. So while there has been some communication that this may be happening in the future… I want to let you know that RATM (Tim, Zack, Tom and I) will not be touring or playing live again. I’m sorry for those of you who have been waiting for this to happen. I really wish it was…”

Speaking to Rolling Stone on the split in this latest interview, Commerford remained a bit evasive, stating:

“There’s four people in the band. I’m just one quarter of Rage. I’ve spent the last two years healing. And there’s four people that all are living. Brad just had a brand new baby… Also, Zack fuckin’ ruptured his Achilles tendon. You can’t even go on a plane when that shit happens. That’s a fact. The healing process, as you can see in sports, takes a long time.”

When pressed if the band is over, he replied:

“I don’t know. I don’t get involved in that. I’m the bass player. I just wait for someone to tell me what to do. Brad said what he said, but he’s one step above me. He’s in the number three spot. I am the low man on the totem pole. That’s all I can tell you. I’m the bass player. The bass players always are the last people to find out about shit like that.”

He doesn’t however personally rule out coming back to the band, should the opportunity arise:

“When the Rage light gets shined up in the clouds, like the Bat-Signal that Batman would see and would know that he had to go do some shit…that’s how I live it. And that feels the best for me. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to really remove myself from it and be like, ‘Yeah, I live off the grid.’ And that in itself is enough.”

As Commerford reveals in the aforementioned interview, he has in fact moved off the grid, now residing in a home powered by solar energy. His present plans involve getting 7D7D, who debuted “Insignia” earlier this month, out on the road. Current plans have him and his bandmates venturing out sometime this year for some regional Californian touring.

As Commerford told Rolling Stone in this new interview, “I want to play at the fuckin’ bowling alley. I want to play at coffee houses. I want to go out there and do this and not be the guy from Rage as much as I can be that.”

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