Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Speaks Out Against Musicians Who “Believe Their Own Hype”


Megadeth vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine has developed somewhat of a prickly reputation over the years — at least when it comes to the press. Be it his much publicized split with Metallica and the decades of on-again, off-again feuding, his own battles with substance abuse, or the publicized disputes with some of the litany of former members of Megadeth, Mustaine has rarely shied away from voicing his opinions, no matter the cost.

Outside of the music though, Mustaine feels that the continued success of his legendary multi-platinum thrash metal band in part stems from his inclination to stay true to his convictions and beliefs. Speaking of that recently with Monterrey Rock, the 62-year-old musician commented of what he feels has also contributed to the band’s continued reign:

“I think it’s not compromising and sticking to your convictions, being true to yourself, and just not being a mean asshole. There are a lot of musicians who get successful and they start to believe their own hype, that they’re really cool. And you know what? We’re all the same. That’s the end of the story. Period.”

He continued:

“When I hear stories out on the road, like when I was younger, I heard about some bands where this woman singer would make everyone call her ‘miss something. And you couldn’t look at her. I know Madonna did that, but this was somebody else before that. And I thought, ‘Wow, I don’t like her anymore.’ And it wasn’t that I liked her in the first place, but I just thought, ‘What kind of an asshole does that?’ ‘Don’t look at me!’ ‘All right! Don’t look at this! Fuck you!’

When you start thinking you’re better than other people… You might be better at something than other people, but you know what? Man, we’re all the same. We’ve gotta stop treating people like other people don’t matter.”


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