M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan Of Slipknot

Clown Clarifies Which Three Members Actually Founded Slipknot


As far as the lore (and the Wikipedia entry) for Slipknot go, the three co-founding members of the multi-platinum masked metal outfit were percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison. Both of the latter have sadly passed, with Gray dying in 2010, and Jordison in 2021.

Speaking recently with ‘The Break Down With Nath & Johnny‘, Crahan revealed that Jordison actually wasn’t involved during the inception of the outfit. According to Crahan, the three initial members of the band were himself, Gray, and vocalist Anders Colsefni (aka Andy Rouw.) Crahan spoke on that:

“There’s all these real misunderstandings about who started the band or whatever. And the bottom line is it was Andy Rouw, the original singer, myself and Paul. But Andy ended up leaving really early in the game. And so once we were signed, it was just basically Paul and I… I’m here to tell you my friend Paul Gray was at my wedding three years prior [to] he and I and Andy starting the band. And that’s that.”

Slipknot of course underwent multiple lineup changes in their early years and more recently have continued to do so. Their initial ‘demo album’ with Colsefni, “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.“, has since largely been buried by the group. Colsefni exited the band in 1997, with Corey Taylor taking over that year.


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