First New Deadsy Single Since 2006 Due Out This Month


Deadsy are aiming to release a new single titled “(study for a portrait of) Napoleon In Rags” on February 08th. The gothic electro rock band last released a new body of music back in 2006, but have been teasing the existence of a new album titled “Subterfuge” since 2020.

The hiatus of sorts that has been running since 2018 hasn’t been without controversy, with Allman recently apologizing for failing to deliver on a long-promised vinyl pressing of “Phantasmagore“. Many fans have complained about pre-ordering that pressing several years ago and not receiving their money back, nor the actual vinyl.

This latest development arrives amid the latest chapter in the legal battle the band’s frontman Elijah Blue Allman finds himself in with his mother, pop star Cher. The latter has been seeking to establish a temporary emergency conservatorship over Allman, having voiced concerns that she feels he is a danger to himself.

In particular she cites a “history of drug use” and a “schizoaffective disorder” diagnosis allegedly being suffered by Allman. According to Cher‘s legal team, Allman has been placed under several 5150 holds within the past year, with Allman allegedly experiencing a ‘psychotic episode’ as recent as this past September.

Allman, whose father is the late Gregg Allman of the The Allman Brothers Band fame, receives an estimated $120,000 USD yearly from his late father’s trust. Elijah himself claims to be a on a current stint of sobriety and has submitted several drug tests to the court proving so. However, according to People, Cher feels her son remains in a vulnerable state. Her lawyer said in a hearing held this Monday:

“[Drug use] is the secondary issue, it is the issue of mental illness that makes Mr. Allman vulnerable. He is surrounded by people who deny the mental illness component.”

Ultimately the judge denied Cher‘s motion, citing a lack of hard evidence of the danger allegedly posed to Allman. The Judge felt that the claims made by Cher were based more upon hypotheticals and fears, rather than hard facts, and thus could not rightly grant the conservatorship.

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