Deadsy’s Elijah Blue Allman Apologizes For Long-Delayed “Phantasmagore” Vinyl: “I Have Dishonored You All”


After roughly three years and many unhappy fans later, Deadsy vocalist/guitarist, etc. Elijah Blue Allman has issued an apology to fans over pre-orders for a new vinyl pressing of the band’s 2006 album “Phantasmagore” that never materialized.

Allman‘s troubles over the years have spilled into the public forum recently, as he currently finds himself the defendant in a conservatorship battle with his mother Cher. Cher is seeking to gain control of payments Elijah receives annually from a trust fund setup by his late father Gregg Allman of the The Allman Brothers Band fame.

Cher has argued in court that Elijah has become a danger to himself due to his alleged ongoing struggles with mental health and substance abuse. She claims that the money, if released to Elijah, would “immediately be spent on drugs.” Elijah has denied those allegations, recently claiming to be three months sober and receiving treatment.

Speaking earlier today (January 09th) via social media, Elijah addressed the status of the missing “Phantasmagore” vinyl, after pre-orders were initially launched some three years ago. Numerous delays since have led to an increasingly frustrated fanbase.

Here’s what Elijah had to say:

“To the members of the entire Deadsy community; the fans, those who have worked with us, and the band…I humble myself before you. I am solely responsible for the negligence related to the issue of you the fans not having received the Phantasmagore vinyl, and how that has disaffected the entire Deadsy Community. I sincerely apologize to you all, and am doing my best to get my affairs in order in an effort to make good on all of your orders and compensate you. You have supported myself and Deadsy for many years now with little to no reciprocation, and I have dishonored you all, and dishonored myself by my inaction and silence. You are all owed much. Without you, I’m nothing…-P. Exeter Blue I”

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