RevocationAlex Morgan

Revocation’s New Relapse Records Vinyl Reissues Includes A Deluxe Edition Of “Teratogenesis”


A series of new colored vinyl reissues of Revocation‘s Relapse Records catalog releases have been made available via A variety of special colored pressings are available of “Existence Is Futile“, “Chaos Of Forms” and  “Revocation” are available to preorder with a February 02nd release date planned.

Also included in this run is the first-ever 12″ pressing of the band’s “Teratogenesis” EP, which originally arrived back in 2012 via Scion A/V. As an added bonus, that pressing newly features covers of Metallica‘s “Dyer’s Eve” and Faith No More‘s “Surprise! You’re Dead“, along with the band’s previously unreleased take on Death‘s “Scream Bloody Gore“.

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