Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach

Jesse Leach Has Finished Writing His Parts For Killswitch Engage’s New Album


Vocalist Jesse Leach ahs revealed that he’s completed writing lyrics for all of the songs set for inclusion upon Killswitch Engage‘s ninth studio album. He intends to finish up tracking his parts for that next opus from the multi-platinum metalcore band following their stint on next month’s ‘ShipRocked‘ cruise.

Speaking of his creative process and his progress with the album, Leach shared the following post yesterday, January 22nd:

“Creation, experimentation, rejection, realization, destruction, inspiration, improvement, reflection, fixation and then finalization.

In the first photo:
Top row are the pages, songs and lyrics that were not used. The rejected.
The bottom row are the ones that made the cut.
(mind you some have been discarded or misplaced along the way).

The second photo is the stack of rejected ideas. 15 full ideas and some 12 pages written on both sides of ideas.

The third photo is the accepted ideas. Various drafts, rewrites and versions what will make up the lyrics on the new @killswitchengage album.

The fourth is the combination of all of the work of my process of making lyrics for an album.

Lyric writing for the past year and a half! As of the 20th all lyrics have been finalized and completed.

I still have a few more things to take care of vocally in the coming weeks before I can say it’s finalized.

This was the single most difficult and rewarding process of my career. I grew a lot as a writer and as a human during all of it.

Everyone is different when it comes to their work or their art.
Sometimes it’s seemingly effortless and other times it is stifling and frustrating.

If I’ve learned anything it is that persistence, discipline and passion go hand in hand with humility and transition.

It’s learning how to let go of an idea even after you’ve spent weeks on it.
Working day after day hammering away, re-structuring, losing sleep having the melodies haunt your wakeful nights.
Then finally accepting it isn’t the correct fit. Then allowing it to be destroyed or set aside.
That or…
Hearing a song, having to pull over on the side of the road to write a line down and hum a melody into my phone. Turing around heading home to write and demo it, track it with in a 3 hour period.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief. I feel exhausted and elated. I am eager to finish tracking after the @shiprocked cruise.

Until then I will be working as much as possible of the remaining “hand written lyric orders.” Thanks again for all of your patience everyone!

That’s all for now. Keep moving forward, and keep working! That’s how it’s done! Trust the process 🤘🏼”

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