Hideous Divinity

Hideous Divinity’s New Album “Unextinct” Due In March, Video For “The Numinous One” Debuts


Italian technical death metal group Hideous Divinity will be issuing their fifth studio album “Unextinct” on March 22nd through Century Media Records. The song “The Numinous One” is the second single to be served up from it, with a video for it available below.

The group had the following to say about all that:

“‘The Numinous One‘ is the perfect paradigm of our new album. Everything you will find on Unextinct is there. Visually, a relentless descent into a new dimension of horror where, in a world that just survived a shipwreck, we evoke and reawake an entity that escapes our control and… bites us back.

Like Lucy, we freeze in awe and horror and succumb to this impersonal, uncontrollable predator that brings extinction. Like the rat soldiers, we kneel in front of the abyss of pestilence, unable to look away. Musically, a new version of the appalling death metal monster that continues the path of Simulacrum. Join us in this first chapter of the most brutal horror soundtrack you’ll ever experience.”

They continued:

“‘Unextinct‘ sets a new milestone for Hideous Divinity, another step towards musical unspoken terror and frenzy. Every song has become a world with its own dissonances and rules made to be broken. A soundtrack of a shipwreck with the best sound production we’ve ever had: our brother Stefano ‘Saul’ Morabito at 16th Cellar Studios really outdid himself. The new creature is coming at you on March, 22nd.”

Unextinct” track listing:

01 – “Dust Settles On Humanity
02 – “The Numinous One
03 – “Against The Sovereignty Of Mankind
04 – “Attoa Quarto: The Horror Paradox” (feat. Zach Jeter of Olkoth)
05 – “Quasi-Sentient
06 – “Hair, Dirt, Mud
07 – “More Than Many, Never One
08 – “Der verlorene Sohn
09 – “Mysterium Tremendum
10 – “Leben ohne Feuer

Preorders can be obtained at

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