Hideous DivinityNovakova Photographer

Hideous Divinity Utilized Their Singer’s Own Blood To Create Their “More Than Many, Never One” Video


Hideous Divinity have newly shared a video for their track “More Than Many, Never One“. The clip accompanies today’s (March 22nd) release of the Italian technical death metal band’s fifth album “Unextinct“.

As the group were quick to point out, none of the frames in the Dema Novakova-directed video were generated by a computer. Instead, the bulk of the sequences depict chemical reactions on the blood of the band’s own singer, Enrico Di Lorenzo. The band stated:

“No AI, nothing is computer generated: witness the stunning work of Eclypso Studio on our vocalist Enrico Di Lorenzo‘s blood accompanying one of the longest, most atmospheric and ambitious tracks of the album.”

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