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Sleep Token’s “Take Me Back To Eden” Was The Most Streamed 2023 Metal Album On Spotify


Data shared by Spotify reveals that Sleep Token‘s third studio album “Take Me Back To Eden” proved to be the most successful metal album released in 2023—at least on Spotify. Those numbers are even more impressive when you see who they beat out to take that title: Metallica and their eleventh studio album “72 Seasons“.

Per streaming data from the aforementioned digital service provider, “Take Me Back To Eden” racked up 3,131,019 monthly listeners, accruing 357,324,681 streams total. Metallica, who boast a monthly listener count of 24,708,038, ‘only’ managed to accumulate 227,202,107 streams of “72 Seasons“.

There’s several caveats to consider here. The numbers account for albums released in 2023 (one can only imagine the ‘Black Album’ streams,) and the ages and consumption habits of the fanbases of both artists are considerably different.

Metallica‘s audience skews older and as such, traditional album sales and physical copies continue to be a key component of the legendary thrash bands chart success. “72 Seasonsopened at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 146,000 units shifted in the United States amid its first week of availability. Metallica‘s physical format releases also continue to be such a driver for them that they acquired a majority stake in a record pressing plant just to keep up with the demand.

Sleep Token for their part shifted roughly 16,000 units of “Take Me Back To Eden” in the U.S. during their opening week, debuting at #16 on the Billboard 200. While that may seem small in the face of the mighty numbers put up by Metallica, the UK alternative metal band are currently only 3 albums into their career, which began back in 2016. Metallica have already cemented a 40-year legacy for themselves.

Regardless, the year was undoubtedly a staggering success for Sleep Token. Aided early on by some viral TikTok interest, the masked collective closed out 2023 as bona fide headliners, with adjusted stage production and more to match it. As proof of their ascension, they even managed to sell out a show at the 12,500 capacity Wembley Arena in London, England—their biggest live performance to date.

[via Metal Hammer]

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