Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Vows To Take Stand Against Merch Cuts With A Festival Of His Own


After venting publicly on merch cuts over the weekend, Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke has vowed to do something about it. Last week saw Radke and his aforementioned platinum-certified outfit refuse to sell merch at the Armory in Minneapolis, MN in protest of a 25% merch cut.

The band were headlining a radio festival show with Daughtry and more that night, and according to Radke, were stipulated to serve up the venue a 25% cut of the gross revenue of all their merch sold within the venue.

That practice, known as a ‘merch cut’, has long been instituted by select venues and has rarely sat well with touring musicians. An agreed upon percentage for the merch cut is generally established in advance when the venue is booked ahead of time.

In the face of ongoing economic challenges faced by touring artists, especially with the rising costs associated with playing shows (fuel, inflation, a transportation shortage, and a lack of touring professionals following the pandemic,) it has become vehemently decried.

Following his initial social media rant on the matter, Radke has since revealed that he plans to stage a festival in which all artists performing will be entitled to 100% of the merch sales they generate. Here’s what he had to say:

“there is no way in hell these venues can keep getting away with taking 20-25% gross merch sales to these bands. imagine if every band just stopped touring for a year and caused these venues to hemorrhage cash.. why do you have a venue if nobody plays in it? The music industries power lies in the artist, it always has, we need to come together.

For all the idiots thinking that venues need merch % from us to help pay their employees you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, if that was the case these venue employees would all be multimillionaires since they’re taking 25% from every band in merch sales every night of the week 365 days of the year, the venues make money off of bar drinks, food and ticket sales there’s no reason for them to take a % of bands merchandise they do this because they can get away with it, the audacity that you get taxed by the government and then the state, AND THEN THE VENUE TRYS TO TAX YOU FOR NO REASON ON TOP OF IT.

but one more time
The power lies in the artist. No artist, no venue remember that”

“Lastly, people thinking the venue deserves even a small % of merchandise they do not. the band pays for the art prints the merch, ships the merch hauls the merch, the merch is copyrighted by the band it is owned by the band. the venue is not owed a % of it. the venue makes its money off of YOU showing up to the show. So the venue shouldn’t be allowed any % of your merch sales. That is not up for discussion. Somewhere a long time ago they invented this rule and over time % went higher and higher slowly. and now we are here. it’s not right, Spotify gives you .003 cents per stream venues take 25% of your GROSS sales. Think about that, gross meaning you still have to pay for the shirts that they are taking from you Hahaga they are taking so much from you. I can’t imagine the smaller bands coming up ever surviving. The greed is destroying the very fiber and fabric of music and touring. When will it stop when these venues own 80% ?”

“I will start my own festival where the bands get 100% of their merch mark my words”

“Anyone defending a venue charging a % right now are so lame, enjoy your 20 dollar watered down bud light you fucking bootlickers”

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