Judgment Night Soundtrack

Hear Onyx & Die Krupps Team Up For New Version Of “Judgment Night”


Back in 1993, Immortal Records issued a revolutionary soundtrack to the rather forgettable crime drama, ‘Judgment Night‘. That gold-selling compilation of songs widely surpassed the film in terms of success, leaving the Emilio Estevez & Cuba Gooding Jr. film largely forgotten.

The impact of the music of ‘Judgment Night‘ continues to be reverberate to this day, with yet another vinyl pressing of it having arrived last month as part of this year’s Black Friday ‘Record Store Day‘ event.

Helmed by Immortal RecordsHappy Walters, who managed Cypress Hill and House Of Pain at the time, the soundtrack for ‘Judgment Night‘ sought to pair the worlds of metal, hardcore and alternative rock with various hip hop and rap artists—something that hadn’t been attempted at that scale before.

An all-star roster of the early 90s scene was assembled, which included the likes of Slayer teaming with Ice-T, Helmet joining forces with House Of Pain, Faith No More aligning with Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. and Cypress Hill fusing with Pearl Jam, among others.

It was Queens-based multi-platinum hardcore hip hop outfit Onyx and Brooklyn, NY hardcore punk/rap metalers Biohazard who were tasked with crafting the title track to the soundtrack. Now, three decades later, Onyx have set out to reinvent it.

While a reunited Biohazard might have seemed like the obvious choice for this anniversary tag team, this time around Onyx collaborated with German industrial outfit Die Krupps on a reworked version of the song.

Jürgen Engler, who handles the vocals and guitars for the latter, commented of this new take:

Onyx have always been one of my favorite rap bands. I loved the version of ‘Judgment Night’ they did back in the ‘90s with our friends from Biohazard! It has come full circle!”

If you’d like to brush up on the soundtrack to ‘Judgment Night“, check out this oral history of it from 2018.

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