Sworn In

Drama Erupts Between Ex-Sworn In Members Over Disputed Merch Reprints


There’s no love lost between the former members of Illinois metalcore outfit Sworn In. The band, who broke up amid the pandemic era, had previously parted ways with their vocalist Tyler Dennen in 2018. Guitarist Eugene Kamlyuk would go on to assume his Dennen‘s role in the group for a short period of time.

The grudges held between Dennen and drummer/guitarist Chris George have come to light recently, due to a dispute over a merch run Dennen has been printing celebrating the band’s 2013 debut album “The Death Card” turning 10.

An initial run of those hoodies was put up for sale early last month, however, according to Dennen, issues with his PayPal account led to it being flagged and the orders having to be refunded.

Dennen said this past weekend on the matter:

“So Paypal is on some bullshit and has flagged and permanently limited my new business account created for the hoodies, all the money in the account is not accessible to me, which means I’m unable to pay to have those hoodies produced. I have been on the phone with paypal all month regarding this issue, and they have not been able to do anything to appeal the limitation and release the funds.

All hoodies ordered using STRIPE have been produced and will be shipped this week. With that being said, ALL ORDERS PLACED USING PAYPAL HAVE BEEN FULLY REFUNDED. If you would still like a hoodie, the store is still open and payment can be processed through STRIPE. I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience, understanding and support. Reordered hoodies will be promptly produced and shipped, 3-6weeks.


Discussion on whether or not those orders have been fulfilled/refunded has been taking place on X (formerly Twitter) as of late, with some users reporting they received their refunds. Others have voiced their concerns if they will, or alternately, if their merch will ship.

Amid the saga unfolding over the past month, Chris George also engaged in some notable discussions referencing his aforementioned past bandmate on X, while also sharing several allegations:

Several fans have asked Dennen if the rest of the band will be recieving a cut of the merch, with Dennen himself claiming online that the band ‘llegally removed’ him from the band’s LLC (limited liability company.) Furthermore, Dennen alleged that his ex-bandmates been withholding royalties from him since the time of his exit from the group.

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