Sworn In

Sworn In & Attila Members Lament Their Alleged Seven Figure Financial Losses In The Music Industry


While launching a heavy band has some added benefits, financial stability is rarely one of them. As many groups can tell you, touring can result in barely breaking even—if at all. The advent of digital piracy and the streaming model that followed, largely gobbled up the revenue artists would see directly from their music alone. That’s also not factoring in long-running plague of shady label execs, managers and promoters to be ever vigilant for.

While today’s current climate is even more challenging, with soaring inflation, an energy crisis and rising merch cuts, that’s not to say that first decade and change of the 2000s were any easier. Tyler Dennen, past vocalist for inactive metalcore outfit Sworn In, recently shared some sobering financial realities about his own experience in the music industry.

Sworn In themselves were active from 2011 to 2019, issuing a pair of albums on Razor & Tie, before moving over to Fearless Records for what stands as their final offering, “All Smiles“.

Dennen‘s recent post on the band’s finances led to some conversations with various other musicians, including Miss May I frontman Levi Benton, Fit For A King bassist Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, For The Fallen Dreams guitarist Jim Hocking, All That Remains guitarist Jason Richardson, Yüth Forever vocalist Devin MacGillivray and more.

You can see some excerpts and exchanges from that conversation below:

Seemingly spurred by this recent conversation, Chris Fronzak, who fronts Attila and has carved out an affluent lifestyle for himself across various business ventures, recently vented on his own financial shortcomings in the music industry, offering:

Outside of being an artist, Fronzak himself previously ventured running his own label, which would go on acquire the catalog of Eulogy Recordings, among other moves.

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